There's hope in the not so friendly skies

Today’s Wine Business Daily e-mail brought an article that there is a prototype airport scanner in work that would be able to identify specific liquids. You’d then be allowed to carry on wine when you fly. Now… if they could get it to make more relevant specific determinations (presence of TCA, other faults) we’d REALLY have something. Actually, I think I did read something a while back about something similar, but can’t recall where.

Ahem…I should point out to you all that this technology is a product of LosAlamosNationalLaboratory; one of the Nation’s premier scientific institutions.
With any sort of luck, they will be able to use the technology to distinguish between Cabernet and Syrah and prohibit the carry-on of Cabernet!!! [snort.gif]

yeah, but what good is a 3 oz bottle?

About as much good as 3 oz of shampoo.

Um, the idea is that the equipment (once perfected and put in use) would allow MORE than 3 ounces to be carried on by verifying that it is not explosive material. Don’t hold your breath waiting, but it’s a good sign.


Watch them apply an exorbitant fee once this new technology is ready for use. “Ah, you want to take this precious bottle on the plane… that’ll be $XXX”.

United charges $6 a pop for a mini bottle of Redwood Creek Cab in economy. Now why on earth would they want us to be drinking something better for no fee?

At least in First they have a “slightly” better selection…but barely. And it’s free.

And the selections in the Duty Free shops? Ugh.

Your hair must smell VERY strange [wink.gif] !