“The XCJ” Soup Dumplings?

Mail order soup dumpling brand that is advertising heavily. Anyone tried them?

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Yeah, I’ve ordered from them on two separate occasions and really enjoy them.

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I ordered a set similar to their current Soup Dumpling Experience Bundle when it was on sale and have been very satisfied.

My only criticism is the price. The sale price on the bundle wasn’t bad because I didn’t have a bamboo steamer basket, sauces, etc but I won’t be ordering them all the time at $40+ per bag.

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I like them. They’re not as good as soup dumplings eating-in at a good restaurant in a major city in my opinion but they’re better than delivery I think because soup dumplings don’t hold up well to delivery.

happy to see this thread as i’ve been wondering the same thing…the trader joes dumplings are serviceable as well, but they’re not soup dumplings.

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They’re good, better than most non-DTF soup dumplings.

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Easily better than any soup dumplings I’ve had that weren’t eaten at the restaurant that day. I’ve gone through 4 bags in the past couple of months. Can’t recommend more highly!


Hey Jared
Do they actually have a restaurant in Bellevue, or just catering.
Go Dawgs!

DTF seems to be opening like Starbucks these days.

Had to look them up. From their website, they have zero locations in 46 states and DC, one location each in 2 states, and more than one location in 2 states (all 4 of those states being adjacent to one another on one side of the country). So maybe not quite SBUX yet.

3 in Seattle metro.

When they open soon in Santa Monica, I will live an equidistant three miles between it and the Century City location.

Off the dumpling topic, but on that topic, apparently Chick-fil-A is going to be testing a new “no left turns” strategy where (similar to SBUX) they will put locations across the street from one another so that no customer has to make a left turn to get a sandwich (of course, if after lunch they want to go back the way they came, they don’t explain how they’ll be able to avoid a left turn going back to work). We are a test market, so they are putting a new one in right across from the one stand-alone location we have in our little suburb of STL. We also have a mall location within our city limits, and they say that the new store will make our little burg the world leader in Chick-fil-A locations per capita. Huzzah!

I have to go to a different suburb much closer to my office to visit our local Soup Dumpling place, but I really like it.

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Never been to a Chik-fil-A

There are valid reasons why many folks choose to avoid them, but the sandwiches are darn good as far as fast food goes - and if the folks who run their drive-thrus ran (just to pick an example) the air-traffic control system, you’d never hear the phrase “runway incursion” again.


They have a little to go type restaurant at the foot of a Bellevue apartment/office complex. That’s where I’ve picked up the dumplings. Also, their umami sauce is really interesting. I’d recommend that, too.

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I avoid eating there for non food reasons, but most of the food is arguably solid for fast food standards but it is still very much on the fast food quality tier, lets be clear on that. The waffle fries are useless tho.

Ditto in general, and I would put the Popeye’s sandwich above CFL and it’s not that close.


Agree on both counts.

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