The wonderful world of leftovers

Left over from Napa Berserkerfest, 3 lbs. of Hanger Steak.

Last night Carrie fired up the wok and prepped onions, bell peppers and tomatoes in her own fajita sauce. Thin sliced the hanger steak and added it to the vegies. Fajitas with a bottle of Prisoner. Flannery meat in fajitas is beyond excellent.

Last night’s left overs showed up and the store with Carrie. Adding some Spanish rice to the meat and vegies, Carrie served up burritos for lunch, mine a wet burrito, Carries dry.

We’ve had Flannery three days this week! neener

I had some of my Flannery leftovers for lunch last week with fresh homegrown tomatoes, and a dollop of hummus. Yummus.

You guys are pushing the limit on how long steak can be in the fridge (safely)…

it was only 3 days, that isn’t too long

Someone can’t count from Saturday to Wednesday (I guess Princesses don’t do math) but still, four days is fine. And The Toddler seems to think that a post from Thursday was written today. FAIL!

I can do math, “one potata, two potata” now I have to take my shoes off and count the rest on my toes … [tease.gif]

I ain’t skeert. (and this from a microbiologist).

Three day old Flannery’s beats any other steak shiny and new!

Isn’t it supposed to be “The Wonderful World of (Charred) Leftovers”?