The Wines of Laherte Frères with Aurélien Laherte--LIVE Zoom, March 12th @ 12:30pm ET


As we work to create more Zoom events direct from Champagne, we offer yet another one in our continuing series. We’re stoked to have Aurélien Laherte live with us from Chavot on March 12th @ 12:30 ET, 9:30 AMPT.

Just before the pandemic began in 2020, I stumbled onto a wine called Les Beaudiers, which had been recommended to me. It was a 100% Pinot Meunier, made from old vines from a village called Chavot-Courcourt (I call it Chavot for short). The village is just south of Épernay and the Marne River, and west of the Côtes des Blancs. I enjoyed the wine–racy, lively with bright red flavors. So I wondered what else was being made by Laherte Frères? I next sourced some of their 100% Chardonnay called Les Grandes Crayères, again from Chavot. And damn, that wine made me pause, so much that I put it on my WOTY short list for 2020. Then, I continued to source more of the LF wines, next was their Brut Nature made of 100% Chardonnay (with some reserve wines blended in). Then Les Longues Voyes, which is Pinot Noir from the Montagne, and Les Vignes d’Autrefois which is the old vine Pinot Meunier from Chavot and Mancy. Over time, I have tried just about everything in their range, to include the Rosé de Meunier Extra Brut. The RdM is without a doubt the best QPR Champagne I had in all of 2021. I have sourced it over and over and I open it regularly–it’s a beauty.

I think you get my point. The range of wines here is wide and varied, but the consistent impression I have is high quality, energy and terroir. The best way I can help orient you to the LF wines is to have you visit their website >>>, or their Instagram page >>>


INTERACT PRIOR TO THE EVENT by posting your questions here that I can build into our time with Aurélien. What do you want to know about them? What would you like to have answered? Whatever it is, post it now and we will build it into the event.

If you plan to ATTEND THE LIVE ZOOM, please post below you’re going to join us. This helps us get a sense of attendance. We have room for 100 slots so there is plenty of space.

When we do the event, OPEN A BOTTLE of Laherte Frères and share a glass with us. We won’t dictate what you open but if you want my recommendation as a first impression to try, find a bottle of the Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature or the Rose de Meunier. Both are excellent and if you look hard, are less than $50US.

Here is the event link that you will need on Saturday, March 12th @ 12:30 pm ET, 9:30 AM PT. Feel free to join a few mins. early.

If you cannot join, we will be recording the sessions so you can play it later.

In advance, thank you for all the support and we will see you on March 12th for our talk with Aurélien.

I’m there, and I’ll be taking requests on whether or not I should wear my fancy sportcoat or not…or a Berserker t-shirt…

I’m in!

Very excited! I’m in

I’ll be there and will set aside a bottle of rose!

I feel like that sports coat needs to be your perennial Zoom outfit from now on

Not unopposed

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Todd and I met with Aurélien this morning. I dig that he has a distinct focus about how climate is changing and how that affects the way he wants to work and the projects he is thinking about going forward. His passion and intensity is evident, and I am looking forward to Todd and I bringing you a great event with him.

I’m in.

We’ll be there!




absolutely in

Edit: and I now have a 5th birthday party to take my son to….this will be recorded?


I’ll try to join. Just had some Les Grand Crayeres show up :slight_smile:

I met Aurélien about seven years ago at a tasting of his wines at a friend’s store and it was an integral part of opening my eyes to Champagne. I’m definitely in if I can make it.

Hopefully in schedule willing.

Looking forward to this one!

Yes, please.

I was introduced to Laherte Freres by Scott Wright who imports them under his Caveau Selections Club. I think my first year was 2008 and it has become my go to for low to no dosage champagne. It also showed what a monster pinot meunier can bring alone! I may have one 2008 d’Autrefois left, and will try to find. Count me in. Mike

Thinking this might be the opportunity to open my 206 Oenotheque…

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