The Wine Delivery Driver Selfie Thread

This my UPS guy, Tim. :slight_smile:

We look alike.

Bring home the Carlisle.

Good man.

I really hope this thread becomes a thing, Brig. would love to see the pics.

I don’t have any because I buy from two auction houses that have locations here in Los Angeles, and I am a control-freak so I always pick up the wines myself to ensure they don’t heat up sitting in the delivery truck, or go bumping around town for 6 hours.

Funny, I look like my UPS guy. I’ll have to get a pic.

I like this thread! Next shipment due on Friday :slight_smile:

Anyone deliver wine in a Porsche?

Everyone is home to receive delivery??

I will (for TRP) !

Thankfully I don’t look like my UPS delivery person and I couldn’t get her to agree to a selfie! [snort.gif]

You have to sign for it. I have mine sent to my business.

But where’s the guy in your avatar? You don’t look anything like him.

I’ve seen that. Really.