The weirdest winery in the world.

I think it is brilliant, but not in my backyard.

Why not?

Pretty cool

I would want only one apostrophe between the L and the A. Two is overkill!

In my set of images I get a bunch of the winery . . . and then this:


Guarantee you that Roberto knows her.

I think that might be Roberto as a young lad looking on…

Here’s the nearby tea making facility:

And a beer maker…

I don’t wanna see where suppositories are made

A couple of the images that came up on this page were pretty nice:

I can deal with Mark’s, this is just an eye soar (and yes, I know who designed it, still doesn’t make it art)

And a few more for Anton-

Thanks, Ian, they are both great.

Not one of his more distinguished works, no

I went to Dennison, which was a stone’s throw from the basket factory. I recall the first time I saw it. [wow.gif]

Ceretto will run them some competition in the Langhe:

I have been to the basket place. Its really cool from the first floor lobby.

Oh wow. Poor kid.

Regular 750 or Mag?