The Treat, the Industrial, the Central

Received an email this am via the August West mailing list about a new joint venture between Ed Kurtzman, Andrew Vingniello, and Tim Perr. He is an excerpt:

“The Treat, The Industrial and The Central were born of a joint desire among three wine producers and friends to take one wine each to the extreme: dreamlike vineyard sourcing, fine art winemaking, and nano-sized production levels for the sake of pure enjoyment, no fancy strings attached. Ed Kurtzman and his friends Andrew Vingiello (A.P. Vin) and Tim Perr (Pali Wine Co.) have been nurturing this project in secret anticipation of wowing one another—and you too, perhaps—with a truly special wine. Now we plan to release the first vintages of “The Treat,” a Cabernet Sauvignon, “The Industrial,” a Zinfandel, and “The Central,” a dessert Chardonnay, to a small selection of wine lovers in the coming months. Each wine in this little trilogy is named for the respective streets that run past each of the partner’s wineries—an imprint of origin, so to speak.”

Anyone have any inside scoop about these wines?

I received the same - Ed is busy, as usual, since he just introduced another label of his own as well.

Have had the treat and the industrial. The treat comes from a very nice napa vineyard. Similar in profile to the schrader George 3 Cabernet

the industrial is a slightly riper lusher version of the sandler zin. I like it a lot

in fact I like both wines a lot

disclaimer: helped bottle the industrial and am friends w ed and Andrew.

Have not had the central

Another label in addition to Sandler?

No, but Sandler is relatively new, and I had never previously seen it (prior to Falltacular)

not that I am aware of. Ed is winemaker for Roar
partner/winemaker for August West

owner/winemaker for sandler

winemaker for Freeman

and now partner in the tres vinteros or something like that. The name Andrew ed and Tim gave their joint venture

First vintage for sandler was 05. I think. A little bit of Zinfandel. Iirc

I have not tasted the wines but am excited about this project, nonetheless. I wish more of our talented winemakers rolled the dice and pushed their creative capabilities. Hats off to Ed, Andrew and Tim…

So a reasonable value for $75 Tony?

I think so. 100% new oak, mostly Taransaud barrels with a little other (blanking on the barrels right now). If you like Schrader style Cabs you’ll enjoy this wine for sure. The quality of the fruit is pretty amazing for the quality. I won’t name the vineyard since Andrew doesn’t…


Do you mean the quality is amazing for the price?

For the price…that’s what I get for typing as I was headed out the door.

I signed up immediately. Been waiting for this for almost 2 years.
Barrel tasted the Treat early on. I’ll be buying a few.

I visited with Andrew in the fall of 07 during crush when he was first working with the grapes for the Treat. He told us about the joint venture then and I’ve been waiting ever since. Top vineyard source combined with 3 winemakers I very much like = easy buy for me, at least the initial vintage, especially since it’s 07.