The Third Twin Offer

I’ll guess I’ll be passing also. Love the Graciano, but the budget won’t allow it.

Got the annual phone call to see if Im ordering. I kinda like that they do that. I always wait until just before release closes. Most painful purchase of the year. In for full allocation

Plus Chimere

Not in my budget, but wanted to give you props for offering it to others.

Plus offspring… Fingers Crossed and Andremily

I had just gotten on the SQN list when they started offering their project wines (for want of a better designation). I missed most of them early on. Never got any Chimere, had to wait 8 years to get NOK. I did get in on TT from the beginning. And TT wines seem to be in a different category compared to other SQN offerings. Such a tough choice.

I feel ya. I justify them as follow. Andremily Im drinking no question. Fingers Crossed I really want to drink. If secondary went nuts on them Id re-evaluate but Id surely drink some. TT I have no idea, kind of a hedge. I hope to drink some but who knows. No matter what happens in my life I know all of these could be sold for what I paid. Hoping I drink em all

I was just notified today that my Graciano wishlist item was granted. I had not been offered that before, but I’m looking forward to trying it!


Yes, same here. Glad that it’s a split of both 2016 and 2017…makes me feel better about opening a 2016 early!

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Looks like secondary is nuts ??

I got my wish list granted as well and this is my first offer. I wonder if it’s due to less buying or them having more production?

When Stacy called, I let her know I was passing. I simply have too much wine, too many mailing lists. I made a hard decision to cut back and TT was on that list as I get all the other Manfred wines. I would rather give up my place in line so that someone else can enjoy them, versus flipping which I don’t care for. Overall a good problem to wrestle with.

No way I’m passing on Chimere. Such an outstanding and unique wine.

+1. Either way, I’m happy.

Completely get and relate to that. I dont buy to flip but knowing I can get at least what I paid back makes it a no brainer. Really hoping he makes some syrah based wine with TT label too

I had decided to pass on TT this time. At the last second, I relented. I went to the website, but the window was closed. I called Stacy and I was able to squeak in.

I agree that they seem to be holding up better in the secondary market better than other SQN and NOK offerings which is comforting. Also got more Andremily Mourvedre. I’ve never had Chimere, but I doubt it’s 6x better than Andremily.

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Thank you whomever canceled their order so I could get my wishlist Graciano. [cheers.gif]

JUST IN TIME: For St. Patrick’s Day 2028

Hi there- I have also spoke to Stacy but simply to inquire how much longer to get off the list for NOK,SQN, and TT. When is the TT offer typically? Is it fantastic? I am 7 years into SQN and 2 years into the others