The Prisoner re-arrested by Thinkpol

Certainly, I don’t diminish the very real issues with our prisons. But, is it possible to take things a bit too literally?

“The tasting room decor has featured metal skeletons, ball-and-chain sets and braided ropes hanging from the ceiling. Those symbols connect the Prisoner to the national conversation around mass incarceration and systemic racism, in ways that have become difficult to ignore.”

“‘Titles like ‘the Prisoner,’ we feel, hinder our ability to create sound policy,’ said James King, campaign manager for Oakland’s Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, which advocates for prison reform."

“‘If you are drinking a wine called the Prisoner, the burden falls upon you to take the time to know what it is you are supporting,’ said King. ‘What are you doing to understand imprisonment, to see who’s actually being imprisoned in our state, and to look to see what harm is being caused?’"

lets just…cancel it altogether.

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Almost as bad as producing a single vineyard wine!


I am glad to see the nation so improved and perfect that all it takes is this wine label to trigger people.

While we are at it…

Harlan’s Maiden objectifies women and holds them up to a chaste standard that no one can hope to meet.

Tusk Estate promotes poaching ivory.

Gallo sounds like they are about to hang some poor soul.

Marcassin is sandal related cultural appropriation.

Cardinale triggers my trauma at the hands of the Catholic Church.


Gallo is just a rooster.

Cock fighting. Deplorable.


I think the Terroirist wine blog should do a writeup about these issues.


Don’t get me started on Pott…it’s a gateway…


I have hope for this country that we are moving towards a place where this kind of absurd wokeness earns a collective groan and eye roll from the vast majority of the populace. That said, the decor sounds like a taste-free zone.

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I think the white Man is responsible for all the bad things in the world.

Including centuries of oppressing the red Man

For all the snark on this thread, how many of you beyond the OP actually bothered to read the article? It’s a more nuanced argument than what’s being portrayed here. But then again, this is a social media site…



I was able to read it without the paywall coming up.

Paywall for me too.

But I think most of these replies, including mine, are just having fun with wine names.

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Oh, I mean this wasn’t the reason that I thought drinking The Prisoner showed poor taste but OK.

Agreed. I was looking forward to reading it and laughing at the article but it is nuanced. I agree in broad strokes with the original post, but laughing at the headline alone - including throwing up one’s arms at the paywall when almost all of them are trivial to bypass - is a bit simplistic.

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Really? I guess I may be reading into it more than you, but that’s a fair take w/r/t most of the replies. I still stand by my initial supposition though.

You know, I’ll meet you part way here, in that I guess lightly joking about Pott and the white Man and so forth implies some degree of not taking the activists seriously, when they that the Prisoner wine “hinders their ability to create sound policy” around incarceration.

But a serious conversation about the criminal legal system, sentencing and so forth isn’t allowed on the Wine Talk board, either.

And I didn’t read the article because you have to have a paid account. Mark E wrote about people “throwing up one’s arms at the paywall when almost all of them are trivial to bypass,” so if there is some easy way to read the article (without paying and creating an account, and then having to cancel the account), I’d give it an earnest look.