The Phenomenon of Ratings Inflation

Burgundy, obviously. As all WB threads eventually go there :slight_smile:

I suspect that says less about the scale, and more about the critic and their readers.


I was thinking of this while taking an Uber the other day. It’s a 1-5 scale, and a driver needs to be 4.8 or so to be doing well. 4.6 is considered average, and your status as a driver is at risk at 4.5 or below.

Think about that — you get half fours and half fives and you might be too low to keep your gig.

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Almost. The cutoff is 4.6, anything lower than that and Uber will contact you and ask for an explanation, and if your ratings don’t start to improve, they may ban you from the app. The driver rating is the average of the last 500 ratings.
The way I use it, it’s a 2-point system. You either get a 1 or 5. But you need to screw up pretty badly to get the 1.Either your car is full of dog hair. Or you refuse to run AC. Cardinal sins like that… The way the scoring works, giving a 3 doesn’t really do anything, and 4 is a little evil.

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17 is actually pretty good “superior”. Ive always liked the defnition of 18 “a cut above superior

Actually it’s a ten point scale 15 to 20 with half points awarded. And Parker is effectively a 30 point scale 70 to 100 or maybe 20 - how many wines get less than 80.

To be clear , the lower bounds im citing are the effective limits for wines on the market (as opposed to theoretical)

It may be true, but as a famous Vietnamese general said “That is true, but it is also irrelevant” at least as far as markets go. No one cites the JR score anymore to drive prices. It is largely the Advocate, VM, James Suckling (for obvious reasons) Jeff Leve in Bordeaux, and often the Spectator if you fit into a lifestyle kind of image for a winery.

Nothing against Leve and his palate aligns well with mine (he doesn’t like wine that tastes like tree bark and battery acid), but very rarely do I see his ratings cited, at least in the mailing lists I receive.

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I’ve seen mixed feelings on his ratings from general observation here. However I’ve kinda landed where he did on a lot of things. I’ve bought bottles based on that and have been happy. Fair prices high end to low. Results speak for themselves. I’ve valued his opinion based on that.

I get him quoted in a lot of offers now. Just got his score reported in an Envoyer offering. I agree he is not part of the Big 3 (VM, Spectator, WA) yet but he is a player in Bdx. Cellartracker is a widely used database of what people are actually holding and drinking. Really cellartracker was a pretty brilliant idea, even though I don’t list my wines there I do access the ratings of others on the platform.

Or maybe it was Buckley who listed him…

A quick email search shows Wine Exchange, JJ Buckley, and Zachys all cite him in the recent offers I’ve received.