The Official Screaming Eagle Waitlist Thread

Do a password reset on their website using the email address you used (or think you used ). If you get the email for the reset than you know you are .

Got on the waiting list on 1/12/18. Good thing I’m still young!

It’s longer than 8 years now, because I’ve been waiting for more than 8, lol

I sent an email asking if they could let me know when I joined the list . I did not ask where I was on the list. Sent a few days ago . No response yet.


Great thread, and here again is the dilemma. A bottle of Screaming Eagle or a flight for two to San Sebastián, a hotel for five days, dinner at Arzak, several days of grazing on Tapas. If you are discussing this level of cost in the secondary market, this is why I would be off to Spain.

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But then you wouldn’t have those great TNs to post.

I signed up in April 2007. Still waiting…12+ years later


I guess only WE get old and the criticizing of what others want to buy never does. It’s all so…old.
Tapas and Screaming Eagle must be mutually exclusive.

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Signed up in June of ‘08…still waiting.

I guess I blew it. I forgot to say that to SE. I did that with Scarecrow and said I would actually drink the wines and I got on the list for the 2005 vintage. I’ve never flipped one yet and I drink them on special occasions. I’ve never flipped a SE either, but I’ve never made the list. I think I signed up about 2006 but I’ve long ago forgotten about getting it. I think I once sent them an email asking if I could transfer my place on the waiting list to my children in my will. They never answered.

I signed up in 2012. Guess I won’t be seeing wine anytime soon.


There’s clearly a lot of angst on this thread about your placement on the waiting list. I find face-to-face discussions are always best, so if anyone’s interested and will post or PM me their home address, I’ll fire up my chopper and we can fly out to the winery, say next week. Sort this all out really quick. Cheers.

Did you ever get a reply?

I signed up around 2001-2, got an offer 2013, $2250 for 3 bottles, I told them to stick it where the sun don’t shine,
Probably not my smartest move.!

I found a specific person’s email address and sent that person an email today . Got a response within a few hours. Then I got a response to the original email a bit later today-that email was sent to the general email address listed on the website.

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Anybody recently move off the waitlist and get an allocation?

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5/28/19. No idea why I never signed up years ago. I figure I’ll get an allocation in 2060.

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I signed up Nov 15, 2010 and have yet to receive an allocation.

2008 for me…no bueno…


Anyone move off the waitlist in recent years?