'The New Wine Format Everyone is Talking About'

I freakin’ HATE bullshit ads like this. You’d think that if this is the ‘new wine format everyone is talking about’ that at least ONE person on a wine forum of 20,000+ members would be doing so. Nope.
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Just happened. Boom. Marketing.

CrushPad did this. Allowed you to try some different wines from different vineyards. They even did some promo one time where you got a sample pack of 5 wines, and then had an online chat where people posted notes while listening to the winemakers talk about the wines.

Yep, more than one person is talking about it now. [wink.gif]

This, and the silver spoon tastings, are spawned from the risk of buying an expensive bottle of wine you might not actually enjoy. On paper, a sample portion is a good thing. The sellers can draw it with a Coravin or similar product, seal it, and ship it easily. Can’t blame them for aggrandizing in their ads though because that’s the norm now. I don’t like it much either.

What the hell is that?

Many everyones are talking about this, many many everyones.

So many, you won’t believe it.

An amazing number of everyones are talking about this.

It is a great idea, a very very great idea.

If anyone says they are not talking about this very very great idea, then they are either lying or part of the secret everyones who are talking about this, but not telling anybody.

Obviously, everyone is talking about this.

Coming soon to your favorite heavy hitter steak house, where a chick in a spandex suit with LED lights sewn into it will be pouring test tube shots of “heavy lumber” wines for all the ballas.

I think they’ve even uncovered some of Thomas Jefferson’s wine test tubes.

Thought this was the trend, wine by the spoon.

Next up, two oenophiles, one spit.

Is that an Epi-pen??

IIRC it started being used to send samples to industry folks (wine reviewers). Instead of having to send 1 or 2 full sized bottles they could easily mail a couple smaller glass sized samples in the test tubes. Lot cheaper and less waste when used for that small application.

Not really sure how commercially viable it will be.

If some winemaker was able to sell a box of 4-6 “tubes” containing a glass of wine each, I’d buy that in a heartbeat. Would be a fun way to experiment with a new producer and/or to learn about the differences of vineyards, oak treatments, etc.

Allow me to clarify, sorry. When filling a small amount for a specific purpose it’s cost effective instead of sending a full bottle or two. Producing them on a large scale means getting new equipment, packaging, marketing, etc. Not sure if that would drive the per unit price up so much that it would turn customers off. Like the mark up on half bottles does.

I was picturing a BerserkerDay offer.

Assuming that pricing was not outrageous, I’d buy from a new producer without hesitation.

Hey, I can just imagine the next step in the progression…
A few drops of our select wines added to our unique proprietary sponge which you pop it into your mouth totally glassless(read classless)-- the new school of wine drinking:clean, quick and satisfying. Yay!

Enables one to become the latest wine fad pioneer, one sponge tasting sip at a time.
Basically, a drip irrigation set up could replace a bottling line.
The big question for the packaging is the closure–minicork or screw top?

Talk about it among yourselves. This is what everybody should be talking about: Sucka Juice!

No way, that much Epi would carry a street value of 100 million dollars.

We are now.

Marketing win.

Not really. We’re talking about the ad, and epi pens, primarily.

Yep, as others have mentioned, this has been around for awhile . . . and I even took part in a small one put together by one of these companies for a Rhone Rangers tasting.

The general concept is pretty cool, and as Andy mentioned, many wineries have taken part in this for samples to send to specific accounts.

The challenge - most of these are not large enough to truly be able to evaluate a wine. 50 ml tubes are too small . . . 100 ml tubes are the equivalent of about 3 oz - not bad but still challenging to taste and then go back and retaste later.

The process is not cheap - and therefore the concept of doing this for new wineries is not as cost effective as one may believe.

As far as Berserkerday goes, most of the deals are cheap enough - especially compared to all of the baller Burgs and Napa Cabs many folks on this board fork over for [snort.gif]


There’s a company here that distributes these, actually having some cool BDX like Kirwan, Beychevelle etc… We don’t have any at the moment but I plan to bring some in soon. The ad is lame but I kinda like these. We get a lot of people staying in nearby hotels and the tubes are perfect for them.


Yep, clickbait Buzzfeed style. Built for Facebook.

The tech to take bottled inventory and transfer it to smaller packages was originally pioneered by The Tasting Room in Napa for the purposes of getting consumer samples of various wines and then taking a portion of the follow along sale through their website. Good idea but they burned through their VC before it could get off the runway. It was sold for pennies on the $ to Lot 18 who now uses it to hock their private labels.