The new Search function - SO many options!

Yes, the search function here is fantastic, you just have to play around a bit and you’ll see everything you can do.

First, use your search terms

Then click ‘more’

You then see a dropdown that gives you plenty of options, the default being ‘Latest’ but help adjust your results by changing it to another that better fits the search, i.e. ‘most relevant’

THEN, if you want to break it down further, use the Advanced functions

You can further hone your results by choosing a particular Category (forum), specific poster/user, or if you know roughly when it was posted you can use the calendar function.


search now works. it’s fantastic. it just works. thank you!

I still tend to stick to the good old, “search terms plus” on google out of habit. I’ll have to check out the new search function

Definitely try this, it’s much better

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Also nice that if you go in the advanced options, most translate ultimately to text. So for example if you frequently want to find thread titles that include some word, you can just remember the syntax: “beaujolais in:title” and then get there faster without digging into the options the next time.

One suggestion that might help (at least it does me) is to have the default order by date, instead of relevance. I find what I’m looking for more often that way.

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I just made that change

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