The Leaker

Got a case of wine with an obvious leaker. A consistant and reputable winery, we were surprised to see two bottles with wine stains on their tissue wrap. Put them in bags to take them home and the leaker leaked enough wine to go through two bags. Cut off the foil of the leaker, clean cork. Obviously there is a flaw in the glass. The wine was mud.

Don’t see that on your end very much. Perhaps it got dropped in shipment and put a hairline crack in it??

Andy, I think you are right. I soaked the labels off and found an 8 inch long crack running diagonally down the bottle, then across and up like a backwards and tilted J.

I’ve only had a small crack-leaker happen once and it wasn’t my bottle, but at a tasting with a few others. Considering the liquid pressure inside amazing it didn’t just shatter or pour out faster.

Wow, lucky that didn’t break apart in your hands – it could’ve been a wicked laceration.