The Last Time I Purchased Wine Was....

I was tempted to buy my Becklyn allocation yesterday. Just for fun, I decided to check CellarTracker to see when my last wine purchase was. I was surprised by what I saw.

Between my wife retiring and Covid, I was drinking less and buying less. According to CT, I haven’t purchased any wine in 2022 . I was surprised because it’s the first time since I’m using CT (2008), that I had a quarter of the year (a third actually) that I haven’t purchased wine.

My name is Dan Hammer. I may be cured.



Todd, can I get a ruling on this? Does Dan need to turn in his Berserker Card?


Despite his somewhat lamentable taste in wines, he should remain a Berserker. Just start a new category, Berserker lite.

3:30pm yesterday.

Even Cal Ripken Jr. had his streak broken at one point. He remains an Iron Man in my book. I say we remember Dan by his past achievements.

When Russia used to play nice.

You should join the inventory reduction thread. Success stories are few and fair between there.

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One delivery on Monday, one yesterday, another coming today. I blame this place

10:30 this morning

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Only been two weeks but I was excited when my pending in CellarTracker went to zero this morning.

Just now, from the United lounge while waiting for a flight

Sometime in March, probably a Spottswoode purchase. Passed on a Standish offer earlier this week. Waiting for the Andremily email.

Delivery yesterday

. . . 3 minutes ago.

I have not been buying much of anything these last few months. Offers don’t interest me. My cellar as it stands makes me happy.

Then I got an offer that was too good to pass up, the kind that only comes along a few times in your life. But other than things like that, I think I may be very close to done.


I fixed your typo.

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Outstanding, Dan !

PS We are never truly cured.

nothing yet in May 2022. Last purchase was 4/23. Tempted to add more 2012 Dom and 2013 Cristal