The Last of Us

Searching for a bottle at the bottom of my eurocave I was ambushed by this.

I’ve seen mold in a damp unit before but this is almost an inch thick in places. Anyone familiar with it?

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Earthy, Nutty, and savory umami notes of the cordyceps leads to zombification of wine and the consuming berserker. 0 points.


Hereby nominated for best response, ever. :sunglasses:


When was the last time you cleaned the unit?

I clean my Eurocaves and replace the carbon filter once a year. I will often find small spots of mold growing. I scrub it off with warm water and a stiff brush, hit it with some mold killer, maybe a light sanding if necessary, and then oil the shelf with mineral oil. Keeps things under control.

Bonus is I find wines I forgot about!

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My wife would return the unit and say it didn’t wear well. Kinda like a sweater or pair of jeans.

Amazing response, but no credit to the incredibly clever thread title???



Problem identified!

I think another factor was that I had bottles touching the back wall which caused condensation to accumulate around them.

Ha! Yeah, the bottle touch the back wall can definitely be a problem.