The Halcon style.

Help a poor Dane out here.

So from reading this forum, i have become very curious about Halcon’s Alturas Syrah.

I have seen it described as old world in style. But is it something you would guess Northern Rhone Syrah on if you tasted it blind? Or does it just have something that remind you of Northern Rhone Syrah, but still very clearly a Californien wine?

I don’t taste much US Syrah. It is not very popular in Copenhagen, so could need some help here before spending :grin:.

Yes. I have personally confused it with classically styled Northern Rhône Syrah in blind tastings.

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That’s where I see it.

Don’t see the muscles for Cornas. Have several times called it as Gonon Saint-Joseph.


Does anyone have thoughts on how Wilde Farm compares?

Thanks for the answers. Guess i need to buy some then. Only 2015 available to me at the moment though.

Interesting. I find it pretty powerful, but then again, I drink very little new world Syrah.

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I guess it depends on the vintage…

But rather than talking about which appellation it most resembles, it’s probably more helpful to say that the style is in the same spirit as the likes of Gonon, Allemand, Jamet etc rather than more oak-driven n Rhône styles such as Ogier, Guigal, etc.

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How do you find the 2017? At the moment it is the only one available in the wine shops in Europe I know of (both the Alturas and the elevácion). Quite a bit more expensive than in the US I think, at 48€ per bottle including taxes, but thought it was worth trying.

Try it! It’s showing well.

Cheers! Just bought them, alongside some Arnot Roberts Sonoma Coast syrah 2018, Arnot Roberts Que syrah 2018 and Whitcraft Pinot Noir 2018 as well. Had the Whitcraft Pinot Noir 2016 at a restaurant in Madrid last September and it was fantastic, although I have been told that the wines can be a bit a hit or miss from some people.

If you see the Clary Ranch from Arnot-Robert that is especially good - one of, if not the, coolest sites where Syrah is grown in Sonoma County!


Eat your spinach, wimp! neener

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Here’s a berserker zoom we did with Paul

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Can’t seem to find it in Europe, but I have made a mental note if I somehow manage to see it or whenever we can finally travel again!

I think this is partially it for certain. I opened a '16 and '17 Alturas over the last month and a half. I found the '16 to be the most Cote Rotie reminiscent domestic Syrah I’ve had. The '17 was much more California in fruit expression but still stood out from most any other I’ve had from this state in terms of depth of fruit without the weight you typically get. It’s also quite open right now as you note elsewhere in this thread.

Thanks all.

Can anyone tell me a bit about the 2015 vintage?

I somehow missed the 2015 vintage. It has been nearly a year since I reviewed all the Halcón portfolio. The Alturas 2017 and 2018 are both beautifully complex with floral elements and black and red fruit along with tar and licorice. Excellent values made by Jackie Gordon. I highly recommend them. The 2019 samples arrive this weekend. :slight_smile:

Have not had Wilde Farm syrah.

but Model Farm… they are in the same style