The Garagiste Thread (The Great Enabler) Back to Life

Anybody bite on this?

1969 Pousse d’Or “Clos des Soixante Ouvrées" Volnay - $684.70

I only bought 3 cases worth since money’s tight nowadays… [gen_fro.gif]

They gave me a 6 case maximum.

All in.

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Anyone biting on the 2006 Pegau for $49.99? I would love to, but can’t at the moment.

No Pegau for me, but it is tempting. I think it might end up available for less than that later, honestly, since the '07’s are coming out, and almost no '06’s seem to have sold.

I’m cracking 2005 Château Mas Neuf Costières-de-Nîmes Compostelle - a Garagiste (cheap) purchase. $18 is more my speed nowadays.

Price is $59.99. Our own Don Cornutt posted some super notes on this wine. I’ve had some past vintages and I love it.


Yeah, saw that one, and was quite tempted. I’ve been sticking to their under $20 buys more lately, however…

I resisted the Bouchard champers y’day, but did grab two Galardi today. I am only strong on alternate days.


This was a no brainer for me. I actually emailed them a couple of weeks ago to ask if they’d be offering the 06 Terra di Lavoro, as it sounds like a strong vintage, I love the wine, and I figured they’d have a great price, if not the best price we’re likely to see, on the wine.

i was wondering if there was going to be a Garagiste thread on this site… it was one of my favorites before it was locked… Should this be in another forum since it is retail?

as for this offering, tempting, but I’ve cut way back from the Great Enabler

I have seen this offered repeatedly for $75-85, but I have resisted.

This price is irresistible!

They had the best prices I found on the 04 as well. Experience the past few years has shown that this wine invariably gets discounted / direct imported for far less than the MSRP (which is ~90-100, no?). I paid $60 for the 04, $66 for the 05, and now $60 for the 06. Seems to me it’s a $60-$70 wine.

Evidently even Antonio couldn’t resist either! TFF.


I picked up a few bottles of the 03 at $20 per from a distributor closeout. I tried to get more and some of the 02 but thet had ghost inventory showing.

How long should I wait on the 03? I only have 2 bottles and I would like to drink them close to their prime, even if that means waiting.

The one time I had it it was pretty damn tannic (but tasty!)

Love this wine, haven’t tried the '06.

I plan to wait 10 years for my '03’s, assuming I can hold out. CellarTracker! shows a start date of 2017. How long can you wait?

OMG! I just said CellarTracker!!!

Consider yourself banned!!! [drinkers.gif]

I picked up a bottle as it seems the right folks to me like it. Though Otto’s endorsement has me worried. [diablo.gif]

What do you recommend for a drinking window on these Josh?

You guys suck.

I went in for three.

Ok Cris, you are banned too!!! How dare you challange the perfect palate??? [diablo.gif]

There are others who have a longer trackrecord with this wine. However I’ll say that there aren’t many wineries that I’m this invested in with only three bottles drunk. Sadly I wasn’t collecting when the 01 and prior vintages were released, and I’m not paying $150+ / bottle to backstock, so my experience is based on the 04 and 05, both of which I think are fantastic.

I would compare this wine to something like Leoville Barton or Montrose… not driven by ripeness or oak, but a LOT of tannin and structure, and a good bit of extract. Pretty serious wines. I don’t know what their “shutting down” curve might look like, but the 04 and 05 both provided me a lot of pleasure. I’ve had two full bottles of the 04 and one of the 05, and a few tastes of other vintages/bottles here and there. I decanted my bottles several hours ahead of time, drank them with food, and thought they were fantastic. I am planning on holding the remainder of my 04/05 for another 5 years or so before checking in and thinking about digging in. When I get my 06’s I will probably drink one with some great woodfired pizza and put the others to bed for a comparable 5-8 years minimum.