the Four Basic Food Groups ~

Tom Robbins defined them in Still Life With Woodpecker as “champagne, cocaine, pussy and chocolate…”

~ me am a more practical animule than TR,

I’ve always said that the 4 basic food groups are:

Côte d’Or red Burgundy, Rhine & MSR Riesling, Sonoma Zinafandel, and Champagne.

(and occasionally Grüner Veltliner rears its little U-and-Umami-U-rode-in-on, as the spare tyre.)

opinions, ladies and gentlemen?

have admired the wonderful thread on old vines Zin, and am thus inspired to affirm that it can indeed stand proudly on the world stage.

I’m liken’ your notion, Jim (as I sip a Bluecoat Martini pre-dinner, perhaps a 5th food group???).

So often when I wander into the celler for dinner wine I wonder (wonder as I wander? Sure!) if a Zin would go with the meal…Way lotsa Zins just begging me to grab em…once in a while I can resist…but not often with all the Holdredges, Swans, Carlizzles, Novy and Turleys twiddling their non-opposable thumbs. [berserker.gif]

It’s been a while since I read that book. Did Robbins give a recommended number of servings of each per day?

Tom Robbins is a nutcase. I can’t believe he didn’t include bacon in that list.

I once poured a 73 Geyserville blind for a well-known importer—and the wine was 20 years old at the time—had him guessing which château in Pauillac it had come from…

A ZIN PSA of sorts for those of us in Socal…

Vons has the 08 Ridge Three Valleys…$16 per or $14.50 for 6.

TomHill likes it (after the '07, best in many moons).