The Final Post-IPNC Throwdown - Featuring the 2014 Vintage. Grochau Cellars Monday July 29th

2024 Throwdown
Grouchau Cellars Production Facility
203 5th St, Amity Oregon 97101

With IPNC winding down, this is our last event scheduled for the day after IPNC at the end of July. There is significant interest in continuing the series, but exactly when/how is to be discussed.

As a quick reminder, this will be a double-blind tasting of wines from the 2014 Oregon vintage. Since we average 30-32 attendees, everyone brings two 750s or a magnum of the same wine. This results in 6 flights of 5 wines. Attendees are asked to bring bread, hors d’oeuvres, or water. We may ask for small donations to cover the costs of renting stems/tables/chairs.


Doug Ackerman
Rick Allen
Morgan Beck
Will Hamilton
Todd Hansen
Geoff Harvey
Jeff Hoofard
Marcus Goodfellow
John Grochau + 2
Megan Joy
Harry Kamin
Jeff King
Dawn Malcolm
Greg Malcolm
Sandra Miller
Steven Miller
Steve Mitchell
Erik Muir
Tom Pavlik
Boyd Pearson
Shelby Perkins
Eric Schwenter
Durstin Selfridge
Andy Steinman
Chas Stiltner
Brian Stotter
Peter Sturn
Chick Wells

Dropped out:
Peter Hickner

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Hope to join you! It’s been some years.

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Steve, thanks again for all your dedication, time, and efforts towards these wonderful annual events over the years. I’m excited about participating again in our upcoming rodeo. Comments here by the attendees have been sparse this year, so hey chime in, let’s hear from ya people, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in about 2 weeks.

Also I think many/most locals have 6 or more Oregon pinot glasses so maybe we don’t need to rent glasses, or maybe less will suffice.