The Broadmoor- CO Springs.

Just got back from an incredible stay at The Broadmoor. If you haven’t been, check it out.

Trip was capped off by an unforgettable dining experience at The Penrose Room. Max Robbins, formally of TFL is the new Chef and is crushing it. As if the food wasn’t enough the Wine List is just stupid good and prices are insane. Drank a 91’ La Turque for $350 a bottle and the deals on everything from La La’s to DRC were nothing short of amazing.

Thanks! My wife really wants to go there. We were set up for December a couple years ago, when they have everything decorated for Christmas, but had to cancel. Was already planning to reschedule at some point, but this makes it even easier.

Living just an hour away, it doesn’t enter my mind to stay here. I guess maybe it should. What else did you do besides eat and drink?

I was there a few years ago for a conference and it was a stunning property with great food. I did find the staff at the time a bit too stiff … whenever one came within like 20 feet, I think they were required to greet you and it felt forced - just a nitpick for sure. This may well have changed. We didn’t leave the property - but certainly enjoyed it - great pool and lots of nice spots to sit with drinks in the evening around outdoor fireplaces, etc.

Hiked Seven Falls, Took day trip to Royal Gorge for White Water Rafting, Spa, poolside, etc…R&R. Amazing property.

Staff is overly engaged at times, but it’s better than the alternative IMO.

“overly engaged” is a perfect description … and yes, it’s not a dreadful problem to have.

Eric by chance did you have a milkshake while you were there?

I did not. lol

Something they are known for??