The Big Haul; A visual of my disease.......

I just had 261 bottles delivered today that I have accumulated over the last 6 months and had shipped from my Vinfolio account. My cellar is over-full; my Visa is close to wearing itself out. I am very excited to try a lot of these wines for the first time (Tercero / Cabot / Stefania / Copian). I am for the first time going to have to think long and hard about future purchases as the wine is literally piled on the floor of the cellar. What an amazing problem to have in this life as the world dissolves around us. I eat and drink like a King!! I could not be more grateful. I have a few more straggler cases coming tomorrow.

The List:

2009 Bedrock - Heirloom Bedrock Vineyard
2009 Bedrock - Heirloom Dolinsek
2009 Bedrock - Pinot Noir Rebecca’s Vineyard
2009 Bedrock - Semillon Botrytized Old Vine Monte Rosso Vineyard
2009 Bedrock - Syrah Ancient Vine
2009 Bedrock - Syrah Sonoma Coast
2008 Briceland - Pinot Noir Elk Prairie
NV Broadbent - Malmsey Madeira 10 Year Old
2007 Cabot - Cabernet Sauvignon
2007 Cabot - Confluence
2007 Cabot - Klamath Cuvee
2006 Cabot - Syrah Aria’s (Humboldt County)
2006 Cabot - Syrah Humboldt County
2007 Cabot - Syrah Humboldt County
2009 Clos des Briords - Muscadet Cuvee Vieilles Vignes
2009 Copain - (Syrah) Les Voisins
2008 Copain - Syrah James Berry Vineyard
1985 Daniel Jarry - Vouvray Sec
1985 Daniel Jarry Vouvray Demi-Sec
1989 Daniel Jarry Vouvray Moelleux
2007 Dauzac
2009 Donnhoff - Riesling QbA
2007 Educated Guess - Cabernet Sauvignon
2001 Eredi Fuligni - Brunello di Montalcino (Vigneti Dei Cottimelli)
2006 Eredi Fuligni - Brunello di Montalcino (Vigneti Dei Cottimelli)
2007 Ferme De Suzon - Chateauneuf-Du-Pape Cotes Noires
2006 Fontodi - Flaccianello Della Pieve
2005 Gamache - Cabernet Sauvignon
2009 Gracianna - Chardonnay Suzanne’s Blend
2008 Gracianna - Pinot Noir Bacigalupi Vineyard
2009 Grolet
1995 Haut-Brion
2000 Hourbanon - Cuvee Remi
2009 JL Etxeberria - Txakolina Bengoetxe Getariako
2008 Kapcsandy Family - State Lane Vineyard Estate Cuvee
2009 La Celestiere - Cotes Du Rhone
2007 Lillian - Syrah
2009 Macard
2007 Maroon - Cabernet Sauvignon Maroon Vineyard
2007 Match - Cabernet Sauvignon Baconbrook
2007 Match - Cabernet Sauvignon Baconbrook
2004 Match - Cabernet Sauvignon Butterdragon Hill
2007 Match - Cabernet Sauvignon Butterdragon Hill
2007 Match - Cabernet Sauvignon Butterdragon Hill
2002 Moet & Chandon - Dom Perignon
2008 Moutte Blanc - Cuvee Moisin
2007 Neive - Barbaresco Albesani Santo Stefano
2007 Ostreon - Cabernet Sauvignon
2005 Pax - Syrah Griffin’s Lair
2006 Pax - Syrah Richards Family Vineyard
2008 Pott - Kaliholmanok
2008 Pott - Pour Ma Gueule
2008 Pott - The Arsenal
2007 Renegade - Red Reserve
2004 Saxum - Broken Stones
2007 Saxum - Syrah Booker Vineyard
2008 Scarecrow - M Etain
2008 Scholium Project - Androkteinos Hudson Vineyard
2009 Scholium Project - Marcher Sur La Lune Bokisch Ranches
2009 Scholium Project - Prince In His Caves Farina Vineyard
2006 Sine Qua Non - Syrah A Shot In The Dark
1998 Soldera (Case Basse) - Brunello di Montalcino
1999 St Pierre (Pomerol)
2008 Stefania - Haut Tubee
2008 Stefania - Pinot Noir
2008 Stefania - Syrah Eaglepoint Ranch
2007 Tercero - Cuvee Christie
2006 Tercero - Grenache Blanc Camp 4 Vineyard
2007 Tercero - Grenache Watch Hill Vineyard
2007 Tercero - Mourvedre Camp 4 Vineyard
2007 Tercero - The Climb
2008 Wind Gap - Grenache/Mourvedre/Syrah Rana
2008 Wind Gap - Syrah Armagh Vineyard
2008 Wind Gap - Syrah Griffin’s Lair

Boy, your post brings back memories of eBob…


Benjamin, that is an incredible cellar. Yes, I also think you should actually start, you know, DRINKING THE STUFF! [drinkers.gif]

Out of curiosity, seeing as how you are in tropical Edmonton, how do you control the temperature in your wine cellar? Are you letting cold air and humidity in during the winter by cracking open a window or is that not necessary? What about the hot summer?

Tran; I have a cooling unit which also takes care of humidity.

those pax look familiar!

couldnt even imagine what the shipping bill on this was

and not a single bottle of Burgundy!

Yum dude.
Assuming you have multiples pop a Bedrock Sonoma Coast Syrah, a Copain “Les Voisins” and a Wind Gap Armaugh for comparison sake then get back to us with your thoughts. The Gracianna Chard is real tasty too. High acid low oak.

Enjoy! [cheers.gif]

I see a picture of some Pepiere but do not see it listed.

Those are the Pax formerly owned by Tyler Rico. The shipping bill is ridiculas… But I cannot get any of these wines up north. It has been an expensive wine year for me (READ- 30-35% of my salary including this latest shipment). But…my cellar is finally full and now I should be able to maintain opposed to build.

I am waiting for my Maison Ilan to arrive!

I do have multiples on all of those, I want my bottles to rest for a couple hours before cracking though…soon enough!

I have 12 bottles; it is listed above “2009 Clos des Briords - Muscadet Cuvee Vieilles Vignes”

ePeen win

Wow, that looks just like me as a 7 year old on the swim team!

OK, so I overreacted a little. I was going to get rid of the middle finger and puke (the wanker stays). But seriously, you can’t put up a post like that and not expect to have some potshots taken at you.

I really don’t give a fk about what anyone thinks; so it’s all good. I think people do not realize (friends and family included) I have spent 30-40% of my salary on wine for the last three years! I am not Richie Rich here. I have made many financial sacrifices in order to have the wine I have today.

Congrats Benj,

I know how long you’ve been waiting for all of that. I bet it was like a whole bunch of Christmas’ rolled into one. Have fun putting it all away and organizing. TN will be fun to read down the road.



You are at point that your desire for wine outweighs your income.

Take your retirement to live on and open a wine shop to support your habit. [thumbs-up.gif] [cheers.gif]

Don’t you have to pay a 100% tax to bring wine into Canada?

My rough calculation for purchase / storage / shipping / duties and taxes to import into Alberta is about 30% of the sticker price. Anytime I want a wine I add 30% of its value and determine if I still want it. Remember almost 99% of these wines are not available up here. What really makes me sick is that, the wines I have purchased from the USA that are available in Edmonton (Dom, Salon, Cali Cabs, etc) are still MUCH cheaper for me to import at a 30% mark-up then what I would pay retail at a local wine store!!

Not a bad idea…

Except he left out a key step: Marry a good woman who can actually run the wine shop for you!