The Best .375 Champagne

I’m thinking the Krug MV for proximity in quality to its .750.
What about you?

for champagne:

magnum = 100% potential

750 = 90+% potential

375 = 70% potential at best

rumors for years that krug is phasing out its 375ml program. given how it shows and the % of folks that try krug for the first time from 375, i’m shocked they haven’t yet.

I enjoy 375s of Lédru’s Brut. Given it’s quite a tight wine, the somewhat more rapid evolution isn’t such an issue, and she uses Mytiks on it so it’s consistent. Bizarrely, at my local caviste, 375s are not allocated whereas 750 ml bottles are, which adds to the appeal, as I buy everything they get every time there’s a delivery.

Do you think this lost potential applies across the board or only with respect to aged/older bottles?

I’m fond of the Krug 375, personally. Do I think magnums are better with time? Of course, but the 375 for me show quite well.

in my experience, across the board - i don’t think champagne shows well out of 375 as compared to the standard bottle by a long shot.

is krug the only famous tête de cuvée in half bottle?

Bollinger for QPR.

I have never held Champagne 375s for longer than 3-4 years so I like that they age quicker. I never associated it with significant degradation in quality/drinkability, more a glimpse into what to expect from my 750s similar to all 375s so I am curious about the 70% comment.

Ployez-Jacquemart rosé. Nice to have in 375s

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We had a Krug 163ème from 375 for our anniversary last night (from a 3 bottle stash I had forgotten about). I know that Krug advises drinking them early, but The wine was not that advanced except the mousse was almost gone. I’ve had this experience several time before. Cork issue? Or just a standard 375 risk?

70% confirmed! champagne.gif

The 2008 Deutz Champagne Rosé Brut Millésimé Amour de Deutz out of a .375 was one of my best rosé champagne experiences last year, maybe ever. I have some more, and I’m not worried about sitting on them. I also have some 750’s that can wait a while.


Delamotte Brut BdB NV. Always pleases on quality and price point.

Any top quality wine in 375 mL purchased fresh on release can be very enjoyable. I loved what Deutz did starting with the 2008 vintage for their prestige wines (a set of all three early released in 375 mL format and also available individually). I do not buy many 375 mLs unless it is a great deal, but my favorites are Krug Grande Cuvee as the 375 mL evolves faster in this format so drinks towards its peak earlier, Deutz’s prestige trio, Deutz’s NV Rose, and Roederer’s Vintage Rose. My top value pick is the Roederer Vintage Rose.

Not many prestige wines come out in 375 mL format. Outside of the ones mentioned above, Perrier-Jouet’s Belle Epoque does, Duval-Leroy experimented with 500mL bottles for Femme, Cristal did 375 and 187 mL bottling long, long ago. I’m sure there are others that I am not recalling. In general, 375 mL bottles tend to be limited to NVs with vintage bottlings few and far between and prestige wines rarely seen.