The Agave Thread: Tequila & Mezcal

If you can find it, the new batch of G4 Blanco de Madera (lot #3) is pretty amazing, easily beat Wild Commons, Fortaleza, Siete Leguas and a few others in a blind for us recently.

Just not SL, which he feels is too expensive for the quality in the bottle.

Been seeing blanco and Anejo in costcos in seattle area. Price does seem up. These hit me right and are essentially my house tequilas.

My house tequila has been Fortaleza Blanco for about 6 or 7 years since my mixologist buddy turned me on to it. Haven’t bought any in quite a while and surprised to see that you can’t find it anywhere now.

Virtually impossible by me in NJ.

What should the price of Fortazela be around? I’d like to try it, but…

“Proper” price for the Blanco should be under $50, but it’s rare to find that any more. Two years ago I bought reposado at total wine for low 50s. A month ago I got one there for $67.

Blanco $49.99, Repo $59.99, Anejo $79.99, Still Strength $79.99

ahh, appreciate the info. Unfortunately ive not seen it around those prices.

Control State pricing…

Prices higher here in Yucatán.

I paid $69.99 for Fortaleza Blanco recently and thought it was a deal

That is a deal!

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Has anyone tried this? It was delivered this morning.
We had a bottle of an ArteNOM Blanco awhile back but have never tried their Reposados.

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I think they are all good, but very different as the NOM changes with each item as they are essentially distillers selections, Blanco 1579 is Felipe Camarena making it who also does G4. I think the 1579 Blanco and 1123 Blanco (Cascahuin) along with 1146 Anejo are my favorites. Repo probably 4th, but all are really good, thats just being picky.

I never did understand this brand and the different numbers. I don’t remember which Blanco we had, I just remember it was very good.

Just grabbed a Fortaleza Repo for $71 from my local place. It’s nice that they always keep a case or two of all the tough to find stuff tucked away for regulars.


Funny, just scooped a Blanco for $50 at ISLD.

Me too.

It represents the NOM (distillery) that the expression was made.

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