The 40 Deadliest Fast Food Meals

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I almost puked when I saw the pic of the Arby’s Large Beef N’ Cheddar


The sodium numbers are off the chart!!!

From what part of the chicken does the “Chicken Ring” come?

Anybody else hungry?

I am soooo getting gout this year.

It did make me want a burger. Just a really simple burger.

With bacon!

Not necessary for me.

We are having simple burgers tomorrow night…four custom blends of Flannery Hamburger is on its way.

Anyone else a little underwhelmed? The sodium counts are obscene but I was disappointed to see how many of the items are in the 500-700 calorie range.

Not just fast food, but pretty disturbing:" onclick=";return false;

I don’t know why I clicked on this thread. You guys are killing me.

A little over a week to go, and then I have to decide whether it will be burgers or Flannery rib eyes!!

You’ve come to the right place. The Gout Boys (Tex and Bowden) can teach you all the best tricks. [wink.gif]

Gee Tanks.

I was thinking the same thing, although some of the Men’s Health meals are from sit down restaurants, so I guess that’s why they didn’t qualify. Heck, there were some meals around 300 calories! Fried and yucky as they may be, that is sure a heck of a lot lower in calories than what I imagine most people consume.

It’s all about moderation folks, nothing wrong with a burger a few times a year as long as you exercise 3-5 times a week and eat a relatively healthy diet high in lean protien, lots of good fruit and veggies and whole grains, and also a glass or two of the good red on occasion. These sensationalism polls are just that, but it does make you think twice before heading over to the local In N Out.

Everything is bad and everything will kill you no matter what… deadhorse

In&Out is worth dying for…


My first stop there made me wish I were already dead.