The $300 Club

You can add the 2010 Paul Hobbs BTK Cab to the Club.

Haven’t bought PH wines in awhile but still get their semi-annual email offering. Noticed in their Fall offering yesterday the big price increase of the '10 BTK to $350/btl from $275 last year.

Never bought his cabs but this type of price jump makes me happy to know there are other producers with To Kalon fruit that sell at much lower prices.

Btw, you think Andy is selling to Paul at $35k/ton?..naaaah, well, maybe :slight_smile:

Would not surprise me for the 2012 vintage. One. Single. Bit.

I realize it’s a different vineyard, but Leah Smith dropped a number in conversation with me last Friday evening in Austin of what the 2011 Crane fruit cost and it’s well below this.

i saw this on my offering and can not pull the trigger at that price!
However i am looking at the LPV and Stagecoach, anyone tried these?

Indeed. And the prices vary GREATLY from lot to lot in the BTK vineyard itself.

I would be curious to see/understand how the cost varies from lot to lot within the vineyard. For example, how many different lots are there within the BTK? What are the significant differences? Probably just need to google it. Easy to see how it may vary by vineyard.

Vineyard is very large with diverse lot breakdown. Some get full sun, and others have shade from trees. Drainage is different as well. Piper could provide a better breakdown.

If I’m not mistaken, PH has access to the best blocks, which probably explains the astonomical cost per ton.

Others would certainly know the blocks better than I would, but I seem to remember an old post by Roy suggesting that the Monastery Block owned by Mondavi might be the best block in the whole vineyard. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Hobbs’ fruit isn’t coming from the choicest Beckstoffer-owned portions of the vineyard. That may well be the case.

I’ve been working my way through a case of the 01 BTK I bought on release. One of the great CA. Cabs I’ve ever tasted. If the 2010 is as good it would be worth it!