The 2023 Bernkasteler Ring Wine Auction Results Thread

Which VDP regulations do you most object to?

The wines have gotten drastically better over the last four years. What are you disappointed about?


A.J. Adam has been producing top-notch Mosel wines since the beginning.

I didn’t realize that the Bernkasteler Ring allowed nonmembers to offer wines at its auction.

There’s a stylistic change at Adam in the last years though. Or at least I perceive one. For the better as Alex says.

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That may well be true. The residually sweet wines seem lighter than in the past, but A.J. Adam has been considered a top producer since the early aughts.

This was the first time they did and all located outside of Mosel. I don’t know if they explained how they did choose producers outside of organization and if it’s going to be like that in future also. Would be very interesting if there would be different outsiders every year.

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Style has changed but imo it happened already before vdp. Adam was one of the few who started to pick very early in 2018. Wines were brutal & light on release compared to almost anyone. I would never guess ’18 on blind tasting.

I too have noticed a change at AJ Adam, and while I have always liked the wines- the change was very much for the better. Here is the TN for the 2020 Spatlese I enjoyed a couple of weeks ago (alongside the 2019 Auslese which showed similar changes over my late 2000s vintages TNs) with a final glass a week later during the Mosel Auction broadcast. It was tasting this 2020 that made me an aggressive bidder on the 2022s at the auction,

2020 A.J. Adam Hofberg Riesling Spätlese

bright young yellow color, stunning nose of mango, pineapple, blood orange and white flowers, on the palate succulent and persistent, slightly sweet ripe fruits in an array mirroring the palate plus white cherry, pear and peach, and wonderfully- in contrast to the late 2000s vintages- with a good firm structure to rein it all in, the overt sweetness of the past is no more- but all the exoticism and complexity remains, incredible length laden with floral notes, a spectacular wine with great potential.

(*****), 2028++


I feel like AJ Adam really knocked it out of the park with their 2020s. The '20 Hofberg Kabinett was absolutely fantastic.


What was the total take for the auction?

I have enjoyed Adam over the years, but they have never caught a spark for me - older or more recent wines.

In the early years, A.J. Adam focused on dry-tasting wines from various subsites in Dhroner Hofberg, such as Sängerei. Terry Theise helped convince him to make a residually sweet Kabinett wine in the 2004 vintage.

I have heard the same refrain from a number of wine drinkers.