The 2023 Bernkasteler Ring Wine Auction Results Thread

Good evening all,

This thread is to report results and generally discuss the 2023 Bernkasteler Ring German Wine Auction which will take place this Saturday at 8AM ET. The event will also be broadcast on youtube should you care to watch it live.

Last year, we gave the Bernkasteler a thread of its own due to long overdue increased interest in the wines. And after a year of astonishing price increases at the Mosel and Nahe- all of a sudden 2023 is the year when the Bernkasteler Ring is becoming the central focus for a rapidly growing number of German wine fans the world over- your hosts included. It is a wonderful development, long overdue, and as with so many other trends in the German Auction market- mirroring what happened in Bordeaux and Burgundy, but at an unbelievably rapid pace. Even so, 2023 promises a number of wonderful wines at prices that are still relative bargains- though I do expect on a percentage basis the price increases here will be higher in at least a few instances than at the Mosel and Nahe sales.

I will have little comparative data to offer in this thread because not every member of the Ring brings wine every year. Second, for those who do- the selections can vary greatly each year- even across vintages. And this, to me, is one very great feature of the Bernkasteler Auctions that you do not find at the Mosel or Nahe- namely, every year there are several maturing or fully mature wines at varying Pradikat levels and prices. So if you are fairly new to German wine, this can be a terrific way to buy some mature wines at affordable prices plus stock up on some wines that are a little closer to being ready than the current vintage. One more note to newcomers- read the listing carefully. The Mosel and Nahe sales tend to group lots by producer (though TBAs are often listed separately at the end of Mosel lists), but in the Bernkasteler the lots go in ascending order of Pradikat. So if you see just one wine for a producer you are interested in, have a careful look- that producer may have wines from other Pradikats in other sections of the list.

In 2022, there were a total of 50 auction lots. This year, there are 57 auction lots. Kabinett is still King, but you will also find more Auslesen and stickies here this year than in the Mosel and Nahe sales.

For the Mosel Auction, I typically list 2-3 “things to watch”. That list is driven entirely by price and pricing trends- looking at how the investor/collector is affecting things. I do not want to do that here – or indeed anything to encourage that kind of mindset. It may come on its own in time and merit discussion at that point, but I will not do anything that could help it along.

Before the auction- any questions, fire away. Lots of experts are around to answer questions. And anyone there during the sale or who has tasted any of the wines- please do chime in with any insight you may have to offer.

This year, for the first time, most of my bids are in the Bernkasteler Ring- and I know I am not alone in that. Good luck to all!


Link for the livestream is already up:

See you all in the morning.

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Good morning all and welcome. As in the past, unlike with the Mosel and Nahe sales- the annual Bernkasteler offerings vary widely from year to year. And so there are less than a dozen direct prior year comps. We will provide YOY results for those, but note there will not be too many.

Starting off today there will be 8 lots of Spatburgunder/Pinot Noir which I am told is a first. The Nahe does have a couple of reds that come to auction, but this will be the first time we see them in the Bernkasteler. Vintages range from 2018-2021, and they got some nice press in MFW- so it will be interesting to see how they fare in their debut, just at a time when global collectors are taking a broader interest in red wines from Germany.

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And we are live. Here we go- good luck everyone!

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Apparently bids are quite low on average. Loersch is expected to do well, but some others will likely not achieve much

I went to the tasting this morning and would say it’s even much heterogenous than yesterday at the VDP. . Maybe not even in terms of quality, but I am starting to see two diverging groups here:

  1. Old school meaning auction wines need to be as big as possible
  2. New school that focus on unique vineyards and fine elegance
    There’s some wonderful wines (Serrig Kabi, Von Beulwitz Auslese, Loersch Kabi + Spat) to be had today, curious how it will all play out
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I’ve always wondered what the reputation of the Bernkasteler Ring producers was like in Germany compared to those in the VDP. With the exception of Kerpen, Kees-Kieren, and a couple others, I haven’t seen these producers on the U.S. market.

The auction will be conducted in German, as in the past, however the auctioneer’s opening remarks included outreach messages in English and Italian, and an invitation for native speakers of either in the room to ask questions or for translation as needed.

I think it’s overall positive and perceived as more personal and approachable. I do think they attract a different crowd: less international buyers / investors and more long-term acquaintances / friends

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Würtzberg has been on the roll lately and I was really hyped to see their auction kabi. Probably first auction wine from them also. Small quantity of bottles (120?) can drive the price…

They had a TBA last year for their first auction

How does one bid live online?

Hammer prices for Lehnert Veit 2018 Falkenberg Pinot Noir “Reserve”

Limited excitement about the Spätburgunder over here. The Schmitges showed itself very well. As Ich sympathy as I have for what happened in the Ahr, the Bertram Baltes had too much hydrocarbon for my taste

Hammer prices for Adams Wein’s lots

Chat Sauvage is excellent, best wine so far!

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Never saw the hammer price turn green before the hammer came down before :stuck_out_tongue:

Now onto the rieslings!