Thatcher's Wine - New Shipping Rates & Temperature Controlled Options

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all well. It’s certainly been an interesting year so far. As many of you know, shipping via carriers (Fedex, UPS, GSO) has not been the easiest thing in the world. We also really want to strive to ensure that the wines show up safely, promptly and at a correct temperature.

This is why we are super excited to launch not only $30 per piece flat rate ground shipping across the US. But we are rolling out door to door temperature controlled shipping to NY,NJ and Boroughs for only $40 per piece. And if you are here in California its only $25 per piece.

For California - it is quite simple. The pieces leave our warehouse on Fridays and are delivered the following week. You will receive a tracking number and a date of arrival. (If you need to change the date of delivery, not an issue either! (Monday-Friday Only)

For NY - The wines will depart middle of the month and land at the hub in NJ. Once they arrive at the hub, the shipping team will reach out to coordinate a time/day for delivery. There won’t be any tracking but happy to answer and update requests as needed. It usually take about 30-60 days from when you place the order to land at your front door! The entire journey is temperature controlled unlike most services where the final leg is ground.

We appreciate all of the support of the past years - we are just getting warmed up :slight_smile: - any feedback on the new site, selection or things we can approve on are warmly welcomed!

You can check out the new offerings



For the East Coast hub, is the final delivery done via 3rd party carrier or refrigerated delivery?

Edit: common carrier to “3rd party”, mostly just trying to understand if its hand delivered in a refrigerated truck/van

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Hey AD Northup !

It’s fully temp controlled the entire journey. We send the pallets temp controlled from CA to NJ. Into a temp controlled warehouse. And delivered by hand in a temp controlled van/truck

So it’s incredibly safe. We were going to just run it at a discounted price from $65 to $40 during summer months. But I’d like to keep it going all year long!

Currently we are running it just in CA and NY/NJ - but with plans to expand to other areas.


Awesome news. I’m probably at the bottom of your list of states, but that’s ok - just great to see you innovate in this space as well.

why ship in CA on a Friday when it sits all weekend? GSO can be overnight. Thanks.


Thatcher - how do you define a “piece”? Is the shipping price per case? Per bottle?

Hey Alan - it is not via GSO. It is a fully temperature controlled service. So the wine is collected from our warehouse in a temperature controlled van. Brought to either the North Bay, Central or Southern Cali Hub. And then gets delivered the following week in a temperature controlled van.

It is a delivery service that is an entirely temperature controlled service. It is delivered. Not shipped! So no exposure to any temperatures. And in the event there was ever a delay - it would still be in a temperature controlled warehouse so there is no risk!

It is not cold chain or GSO!

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Hey Jon, A piece is a box. So if a single bottle or 12 bottles it all is “a piece”.

We will always try to consolidate everything as much as possible. So for example - if you have 5 magnums and 1 750ML - we have a box for this so it would count as 1 Piece.

If you have 6 magnums and 12 bottles - that would be two pieces.

Hopefully that explains everything - there is an option to Consolidate multiple orders on the website too. So if you made 12 single bottle purchases - once it gets to 12, you could use the temp controlled service!

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Just wanted to clarify if the temperature controlled delivery to NY is just for your wines or do you also ship wines from other stores/ wineries in CA? If latter, can you please provide more info on how it works? Thanks

is the New Jersey hub. MWC in Clifton NJ?

Hey Dinesh - currently it is just for our clients that purchase wines with us. But that is quite interesting to think about! Could perhaps be some potential there.

It is not MWC. But we can deliver to MWC for the same $40.

From time to time we do send a pallet direct to MWC if there is enough volume to justify.

Just received a shipment from Thatcher’s to NY and the bottles were cool to the touch! Excellent service as always.

This is awesome. Wish more places did the last mile refrigerated. Apart from some wine clubs I’m in, I generally avoid getting anything shipped in summer to prevent heat damage. I think not enough people realize how big a difference high heat exposure for even a couple days can make.

Received my first batch to NY via the temp-controlled options and the bottles were all cold to the touch. Very happy with the service.