Thatcher's Imports - Allocation Request for William Kelley, Theo Dancer, Guffens-Heynan, Philine Isabelle & More!

Hey Everyone,

We sent out an email this weekend letting everyone know that we have officially started taking requests for personal allocations for wines from the portfolio at Thatcher’s Imports.

if you haven’t signed up for our emails - it is a great way to stay up to date with new producers and offerings!

As for allocations - we are representing a bit over 20 producers and spending a lot of time searching for more.

In Burgundy - we are getting closer to the first release from William Kelley, 2021 Guffens, Theo Dancer (the son of Vincent who has taken the reigns at Domaine Vincent Dancer) two new projects “Theo Dancer” and “Roc Braie” both 2021.

Italy - if you have been watching the young guns in Barolo - Tom Meyers of Cantina D’Arcy is just getting released along with Philine Isabelle’s 2020s. We have also picked up LaLu who has been making some exciting wines for a couple vintages now. It’s really incredible to have these producers all together.

Champagne - There has be a lot of talk about La Rogerie recently and their first release of single vineyards are quite exciting. 2019 Amaury Beaufort is en-route along with Gaspard Brochet. We started working with Maison Raday - the cousin of Aurelien Lurquin who just so happens to be growing the grapes and doing the pressing for Valentin of Raday. Those will land early next year.

Across France - 2021 Cellier Saint Benoit, Utopie Creative from Nicolas Barbou and the 21s from Jintaro Yura - releasing is first Riesling! The PB he is making is absolutely incredible - certainly a wine that makes me rethink the possibilities of what’s happening in Alsace.

As so many of these wines come in, and the demand far outweighs the entire production of the wines - we have created the the opportunity for you to request allocations. This will allow you to select which wines you are seeking out as many of these wines will not be one the site or sent to other retailers by request of the winemakers.

Keep in mind that this is simply a request and not a confirmation of allocation. All requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. You can click here.

A few things that might help increase the possibility of gaining access to allocations:

*We never want to say buy this to get that - I hate that mentality. It’s not something that we want to ask of anyone. That being said with William Kelley’s wines - for example, only a few hundred bottles of 19s are released for the entire world. And with 300 requests for the wines - overall support at Thatcher’s Wine is always a great way to become known. Unlike other platforms - we have no interest in selling to the highest bidder - we simply want the wines to go to people who will drink the wines. *

On that note - we do request that the wines are never to be resold! And it’s 2022-2023 - there are plenty of ways for us to know about this :slight_smile:


Hopefully the Brochet and Oudiette coming into the US goes up a little this year!


We both hope so! haha - That quantities are so small for both.

The following year - Gaspard should increase quite a bit.

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Signed up, thanks!

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You had me hooked at Theo Dancer

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I’m a happy retail customer.

I haven’t even mentioned that we are officially the new importer for the Domaine Vincent Dancer wines yet either : )

Big change up!