that funny wine flavor that you can't identify

The link below is to a very interesting letter in the New England Journal of Medicine, and you should read it to the very end, especially the last paragraph, even though it is difficult reading for those not medically trained.

As I was reading the letter, I was wondering how the hell the tularemia got into the grape must…

Hmmmm, maybe there really are cats in some sauvignon blancs.

Lends new meaning to the notion of a “mousy wine.”

And, not to keep others in suspense, here’s the conclusion:

Sequencing analyses provided evidence of DNA from wood mice (apodemus species) in wine made from sort 1A, and vintners confirmed the occasional presence of rodents in mechanically collected grapes. We infer that an infected rodent may have been collected by the harvester and pressed with the grapes in sort 1A, thereby infecting humans through contaminated must. This outbreak suggests that mechanical harvesting can be a risk factor for the transmission of zoonoses such as tularemia and that raw food stuffs should be treated before consumption.

Question for you docs: Would fermentation address the health issue? Is the article suggesting pasteurization?

This is why I always hold my wine at 160f for at least 40 seconds before serving.

Microwave. Then liquid nitrogen. Absolutely no effect on the taste of the wine…

I had a sales rep once tell me of a trip to the E&J Brandy distillery facilities in California.

Apparently, there was a loveable dog that the crew allowed to wander the premises. One day, “Sparky” went missing. Two weeks passed, and everyone assumed that the dog had run away.

That is, until one of the giant, submerged tanks of brandy was being pumped empty… :astonished:

I’m sure that fermentation and alcohol would take care of it, although public health officials would probably obsess about removing the wines from circulation. I’m sure there’s all kind of stuff in the wines we drink–what kinds of diseases do fruit flies carry? snakes, mice, a stray rabbit, who knows. Kind of gives perspective to those especially scatalogical tasting notes that folks like Davy Strange would write.

Is that the vat Schrader uses today for one of their special magnum offerings?

C’mon, we all know wine is as pure as the driven snow!! [wink.gif] [stirthepothal.gif]