Thanksgiving 2023

I cook my turkey upside down for most of the time, and then turn it over for the last 45 minutes to an hour. This way the dark meat gets cooked, and the fat from the dark meat bastes the breast. But the breast gets nicely browned too.
(Mom’s Roast Turkey Recipe)


Bringing 2022 Vincent Pinot Gris and 2014 Littorai PN Savoy Vineyard. Others TBD…everyone have a terrific Thanksgiving!



Yes, makes perfect sense. If you go to Joël Robuchon’s recipes for duck you get the same idea, with more steps but basically the same. Sounds divine!

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Probably a Ferren Pinot. Just 3 of us and I’m the only one who drinks

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Happy Thanksgiving to all! Very thankful for family, friends, and the world of wine collectors who keep me engaged and on my toes! (And employed, hah.)

My sister’s side of the family barely drink and that in a narrow band. She likes domestic Sauvignon Blanc so will bring a Bedrock. For myself and my wife (and mother if she wants anything) it will be the 2022 Clos de Roilette Tardive which I have been enjoying. Not sure of backup “break in case of emergency” bottle, probably a recent Vincent Pinot Noir.


The Cassoulet kit arrived today and the ‘sous-chef is already being a PITA . . .

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Thanksgiving is my family’s favorite holiday of the year. Every other year we stay in LA. This is the other other year, when my wife’s extended blended family meets in the desert for a Weds-Sun Thanksgiving party.

Last night, Lawry’s delivered prime rib dinner to my dad’s house for family dinner among my wife, our children, and their babies. Living in LA has its share of challenges, but our delivery options are excellent. Perfectly medium rare after 15 minutes in the oven.

Tomorrow, we head to the desert for the remainder of the week. I’m bringing cheese and 40 bottles of wine, including 4 mags and a dozen 750s of Champagne.


We may not being doing Thanksgiving this year. Fiancée got covid around a week ago.

Small Thanksgiving dinner this year—my parents, sister, and us (now with my 1.5mo old son!).

Buttermilk brined chicken, hasselbeck potato gratin, green beans, cranberry sauce. No serious wine drinkers and not plussed about pairings. Bringing a few bottles I know will provide pleasure: Maillart Rosé, a Droin Chablis (yet to pick…), and 21 Carlisle Piner-Olivet


A good friend will let you take over his beautiful and well-equipped kitchen for two days to prepare for Thanksgiving. A great friend will let you take over his kitchen, then cook you dinner and pour three lovely Burgundies for you. Thanks to @Steve_McL for giving me a lot to be thankful for this year.


Traveling this year, but typically try to do a more elevated appetizer for the family.

Last year’s app wasn’t a hit, but hopefully this year changes that. I’m doing a duck leg confit crostini with roasted parsnip puree and fig. I did the duck leg sous vide style, so not a traditional confit, but with us travel, timing wasn’t in our favor.

I’m staying with domestic producers and picked a 2018 Ridge Pagani Ranch Zin and a 2020 Bedrock Schmiedt Road Zin.


You know its seriously deep prep when two Berserkers get together to make dueling dressing 3+ days out over a glass of wine or three and some gratuitous knife envy…Mike shows up with 11 bags of groceries, pans, gear and a nifty Messermeister knife bag containing my new favorite blade.

The 12’ Faiveley Corton was delicious and complex dark fruit and sous bois on day 1, but after a night on Coravin I pulled the cork for @Mike_Evans and (for me anyway), it had fallen flat off a cliff. So much for argon

The 15’ Latriecieres was all ripe black cherry fruit and reduction, a tasty but primary glass at this early stage.
Erwan Faiveley took over management in 2005 so I assume these two bottles reflect his user-friendly influence on the winemaking.

Tremblay 18’ Bourg, all blackberries and underbrush was a fit companion for duck confit with shitake and scallions. The 19’ Becheur, a Berserker Day domestic Sauv blanc, was an interesting and spicy take on the grape and might just possibly been used to deglaze the pan when Mike wasn’t looking…

And finally, top secret leaked photos of my beta bird, a hybrid browned and braised deconstructed turkey recipe that I intend to unleash on my in-laws. What it lacks in Norman Rockwellian photogenic whole-bird splendor it makes up for by actually tasting good.



That turkey looks great to me! Similar to how I’ve been doing mine for a few years. My addition is a bunch of shallots, that I start earlier to get some nice caramelization.

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cut looks great!

Alea Iacta Est -

Doing a turkey meatloaf (I know…) with a cranberry/balsamic topping I just decided. That satisfies my wife’s need for the tradition and we don’t have to chew on dry turkey legs for 3 months straight. Plan is to grind down a little bit of pork fat into it, to keep it a bit juicier. I’ll be mixing in some light home made panko stuffing into the batter as well.

Thinking a Riesling might be the right choice, but hard dish to pair.


Adam, that meatloaf sounds fantastic to me! Also seems like any number of light bodied reds would pair well - gamay, pinot, mencia, even some cru bourgeois Bdx.


Low in cellar on most of that, but I think I can dig out a fancy Pinot. Good call!

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That’s a big ass prime rib. For that you need a 14" scimitar!

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Met up with a friend in Reno yesterday and discovered a tiny place (maybe 25pp capacity) called Kwok’s, but they were completely booked and we managed to get a reservation tonight just before closing after a very long (and freezing) day outdoors. Seriously good Chinese food and service. We ordered way too much food and each ordered an item to go for tomorrow. No wine or beer with dinner, but I had a glass of MW petite sirah at the hotel. It’ll get finished sometime tomorrow with heaps of leftovers.


Kwok’s is great!