Thanks for leaving this at BF 2.5. TN: 2006 Hall Cabernet Sauvignon Jack's Masterpiece (USA, California, Napa Valley)

  • 2006 Hall Cabernet Sauvignon Jack’s Masterpiece - USA, California, Napa Valley (7/30/2021)
    Thanks for coming to Berserkerfest 2.5 in May 2010, at least to the person who left this at my house. We have lovingly stored it for 11 years and opened it today to drink with a massive Tomahawk Steak. One hour decant and then followed it for only an hour because it did not last. Not quite at its peak but very close. Extremely smooth mouth feel with almost all astringent tannin resolved. My son thought it was sweet but said that we wine snobs would say that it was just fruit. I suppose if sweet is not necessarily triggered by sugar, then I suppose this was sweet, with red fruit predominating. There was acidity evocative of citrus, but no specific type of citrus fruit. There was a tiny bit of roasted flavor and coffee from the barrels. No left bank age components light saddle leather and earthyness. Perhaps just a tiny bit of forest mulch/most mushrooms. A very nice wine. I wish the guest had left a second bottle because I think this will be even better in five years. (93 pts.)

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