Thank You Texier, Zylberberg

Based on the interesting Texier threads I sources a sixpack each of Texiers Brezeme VV (2011), St. Julien (2012) and Cote Rotie (2012).
Well the Brezeme was an extremely fine showing of Syrah (because of vintage)
The Cote Rotie Will be stupendous in 20 years.
The St Julien was so tight it is hard to expect anything. But I expect wonders.
Prices? Extremely fair
ps: the Brezeme is f*cking great.

All true.

Brezeme is indeed f*cking great.

I gotta pick some up as well.

Claus, you have to remind me again, what kind of car is that in the avatar. Some might ask, what car, and yes, I noticed “her” too, but that car . . . . Oh my!

An old Citroen, I believe.

FIFY. Jane Birken, no?

Yeah, Jane Birkin. Serge was lucky…
The car is a DS convertible. Rather rare.
The Texier 2012 Cote Rotie is incredible pure and true to the precious terroir. Tastes absolutely gorgeous day 2.
Smashing qpr!

On day 3 the Cote Rotie was even more mind boggling. Awesome stuff
[thankyou.gif] Texier

Sounds great.