Thank you Sonoma/Mendocino

I want to post a public thanks to Brian at Alderbrook for hosting me and my old wine store partner in Healdsburg last week.

I also want to state that I found quite a few small producers in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties that were pleasant surprises. To name the ones that readily come to mind: Breggo, Del Carlo, Alderbrook, and Rued.

In fact, throughout the four-day trip through the area, I found only one person without a clue among the dozen or so visits to wineries, and he was an owner!

Also, my stint as a wine judge in Boise, Idaho was an eye opener. A`few truly top-notch winemaker/producers working around Boise and I was pleasantly surprised by many of the wines. Don’t know yet which vineyards to put against my scores–but I’ll be going over the list soon and make a blog entry about it.

Lastly, if anyone knows a place in Boise that serves espresso, please let me know. And if anyone in Sonoma knows a place that serves GOOD espresso, please let me know. Seems like the signature for espresso in Sonoma (and Napa, too) is ‘burnt.’

we do, all day long:

Next time out, I’ll make sure to see you, Paul.

sounds good Thomas…and i’ll even pour some wine for you too! [cheers.gif]

Geez, then I’ll have to make a disclosure statement or worse, pay you for the taste :wink: