Texas Hill Country Winery recs?

I’ve lived in Dallas 5 years and still haven’t made it to Hill Country. Yes, I know the wines are what they are, and that’s fine. Going more so for the scenery. What wineries and restaurants are high on anyone’s list near Fredericksburg?

I’m heading there next week for two days. After researching, these are the wineries I plan to visit
William Chris
Southold farm and cellar
Mcpherson@4.0 cellar

I highly recommend Hye Meadow. Their Italian varietals are quite good. Especially the Aglianico. I have featured them in blind tastings to the astonishment of experienced wine drinkers. Plus Garrison Bros distillery is just down the road.

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I have lived in Austin for many years, and have tried a number of the wines and been to several places. Not a huge Texas wine fan, but I second the recommendations above for William Chris (good quality all around) and Hye Meadow (a fun place to sit outside and enjoy the wine). You should also contact Inwood Estates — they are doing a little higher end (for Texas) wines.

For a side trip: if you like Bourbon, do the tour at Garrison Brothers — it’s a lot of fun. Very close to Hye Meadow.

How was your experience this week?

We had a great time. Visited Lewis, hye meadow, Calais,Southold, and William Chris. Calais is doing excellent Bordeaux blends. His 2016 and 2017 cab was excellent. My favorite was Southold. Minimal intervention, no added yeasts. Not high alcohol. Nice Chardonnay, Mataro and Touriga Nacional and aBarbera. Prices in general at all were high. $30-40.