Terry Theise’s 2016 Germany Vintage Report

Now posted here: http://www.skurnik.com/terry-theises-2016-germany-vintage-report/

Anyone tasted them?

Haven’t tasted, but am pleased with the prospects based on Theise’s assessment!

I sense an undercurrent of “low acid” vintage in his assessment, but will wait until I taste later this year.

I honestly don’t need or even want another great vintage right now. Sad but true.

That’s my impression too, though he wouldn’t come right out and say it. It sounds like it could be a decent vintage for the dry and dryish wines (medium weight, low botrytis), as long as the acidity isn’t too low. I think we’re all a little hungover from 2015 though and so I will be buying selectively.

I went pretty broad in 2015 and took the opportunity to try a lot of different producers. This year I’ll be a more selective even though I’m sure the vintage will still be very good overall

I got the same vibe. I like and respect Theise enormously, but there was a LOT of dancing in that writeup- right down to the barest suggestion of a smack on 2015 for being overly acidic.

After seeing this thread, I went and Googled some of the promotional materials and blogger posts interviewing Mosel producers. The message is generally upbeat, but discussions of acidity are noticeably few and far between.

I am with you- taking a wait and see attitude. Despite my feelings expressed in another thread that there rarely is a throwaway vintage in Germany, I do personally prefer stronger structure vintages- and with recent pricing trends and smaller crops in certain regions, prices are certain to go up in my estimation.

April is too early really, much better over summer and even better in September.

Though one can always get some broad vintage idea.

There is more than 10 months until the ultra-superior wines are released, and 4,5 months until the superior wines are released

True Claus, but Terry tasted through the range at all of his producers to make his assessment. He’s not basing it on 10 early release wines.

Among Terry’s producers, I’ve only tasted 2016s at Carl Loewen and Willi Schaefer. The latter was the complete lineup, though the wines were still on the fine lees. While the Schaefer’s 2015s have more marked acidity than the 2016s, I wouldn’t call 2016 a low-acid vintage. It depends on the region, subregion, and producer. As Terry points out, the grapes were healthy (almost no botrytis) and the pH was extremely low, often well below 3, in some areas. That’s true on the Saar at least.

I received the first offers for Donnhoff and Wittmann this week, has anyone more information on how they did in 2016?

Thought it was strange how he seemed to put down the '15s.

I know David. Been reading the reports for a couple of years now.
All I am saying is there is still time to thoroughly consider purchases. [cheers.gif]

Not that long. Direct import orders will be due in June.

When Terry Theise or Lars or others in the trade discuss vintages, it generally in the context of how well a broad variety of producers did in the vintage. When I look at a vintage, I am interested in how Zilliken and Prum and Reinhold Haart and Selbach and a handful of other producers whose wines I really enjoy did in the vintage. Big difference and likely why I see so many more excellent German wine vintages.

Well Terry thinks Selbach did very well in 2016. But that is not shocking, since they have been on a long roll.

I find his comments on 2015 rather perplexing. If high acidity is his main concern for 2015 vintage, I will like it even more.

In the era of global warming forward fruit flavours and the lack of acidity is the main concern. Terry would have tasted dozens and dozens of ultra high acid vintages from 70’s and 80’s and in that context I would doubt the acidity to be that pronounced in 2015 to the point of unbalancing the wine.

Maybe we should just listen to me theise for his comments. It seems everyone else has preconceived versions of his view and so far he doesn’t seem wrong.


I have yet to encounter a 2015 with unbalanced acids.

We all seem to forget that he sells wines for a living. Makes perfect sense to chip at the armor of 2015 and talk up 2016. I will take high acid over low at any and every opportunity. Love reading Thiese, but the idea that his poetic and profane writing style equates with honesty-to-a-fault or lack of agenda is just silly. Same is true of other folks whose wines I buy regularly.