Terroirist: Reviews Colorado Wines

Quite a nicely done review of Colorado wines by IsaacBaker:
Terroirist/CO Wines

Isaac is a big fan of the CO Bdx-style wines. I’ve found them quite sound, but outside my range of interest. I’ve been more impressed by their Syrahs and many of the Rieslings. Alas, it’s the Cab/Merlot/Chard paradigm that sells, and that’s what the CO winemakers focus upon. I think the industry would be better served if a few more took an interest in other varieties, like Mondeuse/Teroldego/Ribolla/Schipooettino/Refosco/etc. But, then, what would I know?? My $$'s aren’t on the line.
The CO Dept of Agriculture has a very strong program for supporting the CO wine industry. It is a model that other states w/ budding wine industries would be well-served by taking a look at. Our own KyleSchlacter is a key actor in getting these award-winning wines out to key people to try and this article is a prime example how effective that program can be.