Folks, take a couple minutes to tell your friends who love wine about BerserkerDay, so we have more and more love for all those participating. Share the links on Facebook, or Twitter, or reach out to them via text message or email.

Done. You have at least 2 new members.

Note that you don’t have to be a registered member to participate - everybody has access to this forum.

Already doing that- Tweeting, updated on FB, got you a new member on Fri. Will keep updating throughout the day!

There is a thread over on the CT forum I’ve been posting on. They’re coming over.

And tell em to be patient - and save some $$$$ for later today (-:


I gave you big props! champagne.gif

About how much time later? [stirthepothal.gif]

Isn’t there a schedule out there which shows launch times, or is it kept to the producers?!?!??

In any event, I would ‘guess’ that mine will be up sometime after 1pm your time, Paul (-:

Participants - trust me that one would think the money runs out, but this group never disappoints. Why else do you think I’d have the guts to put the auction items at the VERY end of the day??

Has someone posted about this on the Parker board yet? [snort.gif]


Day is bigger than ever!! Over 70 participating wineries/retailers, all offering special pricing for ********** - go to www.*****.com and find the *********Day forum!”


No one will dispute the passion of the Berserkers, we love to share. champagne.gif

And fortunately with 70 participating wineries/retailers, there’s plenty of goodies to go around!!

will do Todd…it’s already very active on WLTV Forum…and I’ve sent to some other friends as well.

Thanks for all you efforts. I’d be curious to know what, at the end of the day, the total amount spent on BD. I’m sure it would end up being a “belly laughing” amount. (personally, I’m already down just under a grand…ugghhhhhHHH!!)

I’ve tried to poll people, but it’s nearly impossible because MOST of the sales are by those who never participate in the forum. Only about 20% of the purchases are by those you hear of in the forum - crazy, huh?

it’s insane…I’m wondering if the wineries would provide ONLY you with their grand total…and then you compiile and publish the final number. It would be friggn’ hysterical!!

and, of course, we’re all insane accomplices to this EVIL day that you’ve created…jerk!! LOL

Just enticed local wino friends to check it out…

Keating Wines Facebook Page post:
It’s BerserkerDay V!!! This wine message board is worth signing up for the wine discussions alone, but they have an annual HUGE wine sale marking their anniversary. 60+ wineries participating, free to join. Click below if you are interested.

I have also been tweeting about it.

Thanks, Eric!!