Tell me about your WMS (winery management system)

I’m considering new software. Any preferences and why? Just need basics with 702s and vessel tracking. Would rather it be web/cloud. - they even have an app you can download onto your phone.

Thanks Ben but I’m thinking of Winery management systems as opposed to cellar management systems. Fermentation management, 702 reporting vessel management etc.

My bad :slight_smile:

Evan - I recall this being discussed about 2-3 yrs ago on this board. If I can find the thread I shall post back here…Gary

add - try here for a start …

Evan - Just in case you had not seen this on Wines & Vines … …Gary

[cheers.gif] Thanks Gary. I’ve been using Amphora and excel and was considering VinX2 but the cost is too high. Ran across VinoTrac which looks a lot like VinX2 but is only $9/mo with vessel tracking @ an additional $25/month. Looks great compared with sky high setup/monthly costs of all the others.