Tell me about this Echézeaux producer.

I have to seriously question this. Out of curiosity.

Hi Mark,

Do you also use CellarTracker? There are three TNs for this wine/this vintage up.

Prbly won’t make enough to cover gas. Ha.

How would you know if you like it if you don’t know what other folks think? More importantly, who goes into the john to take a pic of their wine?


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maybe Mark is putting a little chill on them

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Isn’t Burgundy just one big crapshoot? pileon

well played :slight_smile:

I’ve had the 96 and 00…ok, but nothing special.

It looks as though Millot used the same label-maker [or at least the same label-artist] as Denis Mortet.

In fact, when I first saw this thread, for a second I wondered whether this was a joke about a “Chinese” counterfeit of Mortet. [You get that sort of thing in the music world, where the Chinese try to sell horns and stringed instruments to the student market with names which sound almost like famous European makers.]

The first test bottle revealed a wine of great depth and vigor. I love the vibrant cherries, crisp acidity, and savory wood spice. There’s a touch of game and earth, although the beautiful roses and spicy cherries remain the focal point here. The finish shows great staying power with equal poise and finesse. 93 pts.

Geraldo Rivera tried to break down the wall to this one once on TV.

I’m actually most worried about the two green sponges. How many of us have their Echezeaux with a side of green sponge?


Serious answer to more or less unserious questions and answers:

Millot is a traditional good producer. I have tasted 4 or 5 wines and vintages, incl. 1995 and 1999 Echezeaux, which were very good but not great, with a slightly rustic touch and not immense elegance, but good concentration and length.
Not tasted 93 E - but I estimate it on the border of mature …

Well, with 18 bts I´d give it a try flirtysmile

A lazy one; it gives you twice as much time before you run out of toilet paper.

Very cool insights Gerhard, thanks! Also, I stumbled across an interesting web page that attempts to map where various producers’ plots are located in Echézeaux.