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After seeing a recent tasting note on the Bertagna Clos St Denis, I’m hoping others with experience of this producer can provide some further input. There seems to be a dearth of information on it, and what little there is is not always glowing. It certainly holds some wonderful vineyards, including the extremely well-positioned Clos de la Perriere monopole. I have read that they lost a highly regarded winemaker in 2006 (Claire Forrestier), but am not sure how this has changed the quality and perception of the wines. My personal experience is limited to a 2005 NSG Murgers a year ago that was very ripe and fruit-forward, rather tannic and lacking a little in acidic ‘tension’ and finesse.
Thanks in advance.

Bertagna has never been a board favorite as it has always been thought of as underperforming and inconsistent for their terroir. Every example that I have tasted have been serviceable but never exciting and not worth the price per bottle. If I remember correctly the Mother held the property dear but lived her own world as to what quality was so the wines have always languished in mediocrity.

I’ve probably had 5 or 6 wines from Bertagna, none of which were wonderful. I found the wines to be hard-edged and without any charm, grace or elegance. I remember thinking that they might get interesting with enough age, but I wasn’t willing to take that chance.

My only experience was their Beaumonts 2005 which was not exciting…
However, Bettane says that their 2011s and 2012s are a big improvement and that they now deserve to be considered…
You can try if you get them cheap. Bill Nanson likes their Clos St Denis, Chambertin and Vougeot Perriere

TN: 2002 Domaine Bertagna Clos St. Denis

  • 2002 Domaine Bertagna Clos St. Denis - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Clos St. Denis Grand Cru (9/6/2010)
    This was an absolute stunner of a bottle of wine. It’s just beginning to come around, but you definitely get as sense of where it’s going. This just hit the sweet spot for me, the nose and the palate were equally fantastic. Nose of forest floor, a little mushroom, plenty of red & purple fruits and a very subtle hint of oak - perfect. The weight on the palate was perfect as well with an ever changing panoply of flavors. The finish went on forever, sadly the bottle didn’t. (Definitely in the running for my wine of the year.) (98 pts.)

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My experiences are only from 05 and 06, and I cannot think of a more disappointing set of wines, particularly from a vintage like 05.

Probably because they do not use OWCs. :wink:

Waiting for the inevitable breakup and sale of the holdings to celebrity neighbors or luxury-goods companies, following by a quintupling of price for all bottlings. As bad as they may be now, at least we can afford them, lol.

Though I’ve been mostly underwhelmed by the limited number of Bertagna bottles I’ve drunk, I recently had a very enjoyable 2000 Corton-Les Grandes Lolières: Its flavors of ripe fruit, earth, and spice were supported by a relatively good acid and tannin structure (for a 2000). Though its complexity was limited by its modest age, I think it’s well-worth its price.

Only had one white Vougeot Village 2010, about 2 months ago. Was pretty good, not a great wine, but the QPR was good (32€).
I also have some Vougeot Village red, but have not tried it yet.


I’ve tasted both 2012 and '13 with Eva at the domaine. We sold some '12s and will take an allocation of '13s, although they’re pretty much sold out. I quite like the wines. Vougeots Perrieres and Clos St Denis in particular, although I’ve never tried the Chambertin. They have a bit of Amoureuses too, although it’s only just been replanted. In 2013 I thought the VR Beaux Monts was very promising.

Thanks all, very useful. Can’t think of a domaine with such promising sites that is so poorly received and so little covered.

I picked up some 01 Clos de la Perriere and 99 Clos de Vougeot for pretty sharp prices. Both should be approaching the drinking zone, if such a thing exists for these wines. I’ll report back after delivery and sampling. I’m pretty intrigued now to give them a crack.

Plenty of estates with great vineyards that remain unknown, Nick. I was trying to find out about Coquard-Loison-Fleurot yesterday. They have Echezeaux, Grands Echezeaux, Clos Vougeot, Clos de la Roche and Clos St Denis amongst their holdings. Could I find any meaningful information…

Was the 05 Clos St. Denis part of what you tasted? I have a single that I purchased without much knowledge because the price was good.

^^ Matthew, what kind of info are you looking for on domaine Coquard-Loison-Fleurot?


It would be nice if someone posts a TN.

Well the 05s were pretty impressive pre-bottling when shown by Claire Forestier. Following the big reorganisation at the domaine and Claire leaving (2006) I’ve only tasted sporadically, a)because it has been harder to arrange appointments (so easier to visit others) and b)the wines seemed less interesting.

Wines from the 80s, if you can find them, are simply fabulous. Wines from the 90s not/not yet. 2001-2005 I thought on great form, later seems more complicated, the last I tasted were the 09s…

Too worked -2002 Domaine Bertagna Clos St. Denis - very oaky -[u][/u] I did not like it.

where did Claire go after her brief Esmonin sojourn?