Teeny Tiny Wineries of... Oregon

Old vines, they’d better do a nice job, right?

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This is the perfect time to get some Teeny Tiny wines delivered for Thanksgiving!


Golden Cluster.

Mijita Wine Co. Just tried their Gamay. Good stuff and recommended.

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Just got back from Oregon this afternoon. One of the highlights of the trip was tasting with Saul at Championship Bottle. His whites were excellent as always but now he is making some pinot as well. Excellent.

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Did our paths cross? I tasted with Saul on Saturday afternoon in Amity and agree, his wines are wonderful across the board.

Ha! Y’all tasted with me on consecutive days—I think the first time I’ve had that happen. It was a blast seeing you both, and I’m glad you enjoyed the wines.

Also I’ll second Mike’s pick of Mijita. Lizzy just moved into the same facility I make wine out of (aka Vincent’s) and is a delight of a person, in addition to making outstanding wine. Had the Gamay last week, as well, and immediately needed to get more.

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What I liked most about Saul’s wines is that they were interesting. There are plenty of great wines being made in Oregon but too often many taste pretty similar. I try to seek out something unique and unusual.


John Grochau from Grochau Cellars is a producer that is always under the radar. I might say under appreciated, but those who enjoy his wines really do appeciate what he does. Maybe that’s because his wines aren’t particularly expensive, heck they’re some real bargains… Commuter Cuvée. Stupid easy.

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