Tasting several wines with Lou

Earlier this week Lou came over to join Jenn and I for a casual tasting. We tasted two whites and four reds and all were very good. I have included tasting notes for my four favorite wines.

2009 Domaine Faury, Blanc, Saint-Joseph
This was purchased for $26 at MacArthur’s. This wine is a blend of 80% Marsanne and 20% Roussane. The nose was very fresh with delicate aromas. In the mouth there were flavors of almonds, some sweet white peaches, and stone fruit. There were very nice flint flavors in this supple wine. I really liked the mouthfeel. On the second night the nose became richer. The almond and stone fruit flavors were more pronounced. The aftertaste now left a lovely, oily coating on the lips. A lovely wine and one worth seeking out.

2009 Domaine Vieilleneuve, En Griffe, Cotes du Rhone
Lou bought this wine at the Saint Georges location of Le Vin en Tete in Paris. He thinks it was less than 20 Euros. Note, the textured glass “label.” This wine is produced from a four hecatre plot of 50 year old Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Mourvedre. This had a medium, grapey color. The nose was comprised of clean, higher-pitched red fruit blend of raspberry and Kirsch, along with a little alcohol. For Jenn it reminded her of “olive alcohol.” I was not prepared for the full-bore dusty, ripe red fruit flavors that took over my mouth. There was good acidity, some sweet spices, and a sweet finish. There was a warmish aftertaste. This was amazingly preserved on the second night. The nose was effusive of raspberries. In the mouth it developed a black tea flavor that complemented the raspberries. The ripe, sweet, dusty red flavors start out strong but start to fade by the aftertaste.

2006 Mastro Janni, San Pio, Toscano
This was purchased for $30 at MacArthur’s. This wine is a blend of 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Sangiovese which spent 18 months aging in new and old barrels. There were lower tones on the nose, with an interesting lanolin/“Gunk” hand cleaner scent, and some black fruit. In the mouth this was tighter, with linear black fruit, tons of minerals, and sweet tannins. With air the acidity and tart fruit eventually balance out. It is quite nice and comes across as young. I really like the minerally, black fruit flavors.

2007 Domaine Leon Barral, Valiniere, Faugeres
This wine was purchased for $62 at MacArthur’s. It is a blend of 80% Mourvedre and 20% Syrah. The Mourvedre vines are 15 years old and the Syrah are 30 years old. The soils are of schiste, the vineyards are fertilized with manure from the estate, indigenous yeasts are used, and no sulfur is used. Wow, there was good stuff here in this dark wine. The nose contained darker perfumed fruits and sage. There were layers of scented berries in the mouth that were expansive. The dusty flavors continued into the rich finish and aftertaste. This showed better when it was a cooler temperature. On the second night the dusty fruit flavors became saltier and a little more austere. The dark flavors continued in the finish and aftertaste. The wine continued to build and progress in the mouth. Great stuff! This is worth seeking out and really should be cellared a few more years.