Tasting Notes On Wines

Had a lovely bottle of the 2007 Rudolf Furst Riesing “pur mineral” and it was showing beautifully. Lovely nose of petrol, apricot, white peach, mineral, fresh grass and some wet earth. Palate was pure and crunchy with lovely acidity and juicy explosive fruit and astounding length. Who says there is no fruit in Trocken? I still think 2007 for Furst whites is a benchmark at the estate.

Had an awe- inspiring bottle of the 2007 Ducroux Regnie. This is a David Lillie import and really is one of the greatest new Beaujolais I have had in a long time. Maybe since I first tasted Descombes. In a easy drinking, lighter style as the cru suggests. Color is a hazy ruby and I know I am in au natural land. Lovely aromas of wild berry fruit, earth and spice. Palate has great acidity and amazing freshness. Woodsy and berry-like flavors with great purity and to steal from Budweiser for a second, drinkability. A steal at $14.99. Good job D-lils!

Had an ok bottle of the 2004 Chateau La Grolet “Tete de Cuvee.” I think it needed way more air as this bottling has needed days before. Classic Bourg nose of plum, mineral, earth and some unsweetened cocoa. Palate was good but kind of all over the place. Not much more to say except it was closed and I did not give it a chance to come around.

Had a very uninspiring bottle of 2007 Clar de Castanyer Xarello. It smelled like a pre-moxed white burgundy and tasted like one. Not sure what hey are going for here but it is not working.

Most Xarelos I’ve had are in that oxidative style. I don’t get it either. The few I’ve had that were in a fresher style were quite pleasant.

There was one I carried at the wine bottega in Boston that we sold for $10 and it was in a fresh style and was very nice.

Someone commented on my blog that this stood tall in a lineup of coenobium, Lopez heredia white, and some sherries so it might be worth a second look.

Xarelo seems to do well in the oxidative style a la Nicolas Joly Coulee de Serrant (sp?). It may seem a pejorative comparison to some; I have never been a fan of either.

Brent - any comparison to a Joly wine is a pejorative. Xarel-lo seems to oxidize readily. But when it’s fresh, it’s got bright tart fruit, maybe a hint of a floral note, and a great streak of acidity that keeps it all together. with very little time unfortunately, it starts to taste like stale cava.

Haven’t had much Joly or Xarelo but the oxidized Chenins I’ve had were the closest comparisons I could come up with. Lyle’s analogy of Premox White Burgs, while accurate from a tasting standpoint, seemed to imply the wines were flawed as with premoxed White Burgs, which is not the case, I think. Xarelo is just naturally prone to oxidation it would seem…: