Tasting group in denver/boulder

Hi! I’m relatively new here and was hoping to find a tasting group in Denver/boulder for some offline events. I live in Boulder with the family.
I have been into mostly Bordeaux and burgundy wines trying to taste and learn!


Hey Shay

My wife and I would be interested in a tasting group. Since Colorado is a no corkage state it would probably be best to host. We’re in central Denver but are both Buffs so love Boulder! We have some Bordeaux and Burgundy and a decent amount of Rhône so could support tastings in those areas. We have primarily CA (Napa, Paso) and WA.

Could try to set something up in February and contact some of the others who have posted in the CO threads.

February sounds amazing! We may be able to host up in Boulder though we have two young kiddos running around so it would need to be after bed time :slight_smile:.

Our kids are all off to college, woohoo! So we’re up for hosting the first one. I can throw out a few dates and we can see what works. See who else is interested then pick a theme.

Sounds great! I saw the sticky at the top of the offline forum with a few names of folks in Denver area.

I would be interested, if the date works, and, the location is in Denver.

February has turned out to be pretty busy for us but we have Saturday the 29th open and could host. We live in Denver near DU.

If we’re hosting I would prefer to do something US (CA or WA) or maybe Rhone CdP themed. I only have a few bottles of Bordeaux, nothing really age worthy. Similar with Burgundy and honestly Burgundy is not our favorite. Would gladly participate with these at another time. My cellar is mostly Napa/Sonoma, Paso and Walla Walla.

Not sure how this works. See who is interested and agree on a theme? Since it’s being hosted do we do a shared dinner kind of thing? We love to cook so could definitely do a main dish if others would bring apps, salads, etc.

We’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while with people who enjoy wine. Should be fun!

We are interested! Live in South Denver burbs and collect CA and Rhone wines. Happy to bring a dish etc…

OK I’ve posted an offline notice for 2/29!

Hey y’all - couple years late to the party but thought I’d give resurrecting this thread a try before creating a new one. Anyone in the Boulder/Denver area interested in meeting up a for an offline tasting group? I live in Longmont and have a backyard and am willing to host folks, or open to meeting elsewhere in the Denver/Bouder area. Would love to meet some fellow wine lovers in the area and maybe get something recurring going!

I’m down… in Denver. but I travel international for work so would need some advance notice.

I’d be interested. Mostly Burgs and Bubbles in my cellar.

We have a group that has met a few times, lots of fun, but COVID kind of put a damper on things. I’d be up for starting things back up or starting something new. I’m in central Denver.

Hello. Max S. (Who is a little more active on WB than me) and I have organized a small tasting group this spring and are looking to continue and expand. We tasted through a bunch of Chianti Classico over pizza from Blue Pan and had a great time. Max was gracious enough to host at his house. I’m returning the favor this round at my home in Highlands Ranch. Given the season, we were talking about a gathering with whites and sparkling wine on Saturday July 16th. I’m sure some red and dessert wines will find their way into the mix. We are younger (30’s) and trying to navigate our way through the world of hosting a wine tasting event. Let me or Max know if you are interested and I’m sure we can accommodate. If the group gets bigger than 10-12 people, I’d need help with stemware. Overall, it would be fairly informal but we love talking about wines, producers, region etc and taking some notes along the way. Working on food. Spouses or significant others always invited. What am I missing? Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.

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July 16th works for us. I’ve got some interesting whites that would be fun to pour for a group.

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Looking forward to this! Had a great time last time around, looking forward to expanding

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Unfortunately out of town that weekend. Ill have to catch the next one.

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Not to worry. Our hope is that we can get a group together quarterly or possibly more.

I’m also out of town next weekend but watching this thread.

Sounds like we have 6 people confirmed for next Saturday July 16th tasting. Unfortunately my ringer, who just passed her CSW, can’t find a babysitter and most likely won’t be able to make it. For those who have shown interest above, it’s an open invitation. We’ll be getting together at my home in Highlands Ranch in the afternoon to taste through some whites and sparkling. I’ll provide some wines and food. Please bring something(s) you’d like to share. Let me know and I’ll include you on a detailed PM this week with my address and firm time, etc.