Tasting at Arcadian with Joe Davis

This is less about tasting notes (OK, it’s not AT ALL about tasting notes) and more about the insane hospitality that Joe and his family showed me this past Friday.

I emailed him to see if he was available for a tasting and I wanted to bring my wife and two friends. He emails me back that he’d love to have lunch at the winery. This sounds great and we agree to meet him there. When we got there, the place was set up beautifully. Cheese, truffle honey, salad, sandwiches and more. He just went all out to make this really special for us and it was just fantastic.

Then we get to the wines while having this wonderful lunch:

2001 Gary’s Pinot
2002 Francesca Pinot
2007 Francesca Pinot
2005 Pisoni Pinot
2006 Sleepy Hollow Pinot
2005 Sleepy Hollow Chardonnay
2007 Jill’s Cuvee
A bottle of Max’s syrah (I forget what vintage)
3 other bottles that I’m completely blanking on right now and a barrel tasting of (I forget which) Pinot.

There are no notes, because at a time like that, I didn’t want to take notes. I wanted to enjoy the experience - and what an experience it was. His family also came by to join us and say hi. Max and I started playing catch with a cork, which was fun… My friends and wife had a blast and we ended up staying there 3 1/2 hours. The thing is, this is NOT the expeption with Joe. Last time I was there, he again showed us amazing hospitality. It’s just really nice to have someone do that on a consistent basis and know that you are supporting really good people.

I know there are a lot of Arcadian die-hard’s out there, but for those who don’t know his wines or him, you’re missing out. Not only are his wines great, but Joe - and his family - are just fantastic people.

Anyway, I just wanted to show Arcadian and Joe some love as they really made the weekend for my friends and myself. flirtysmile [drinkers.gif] [thankyou.gif]

Thanks for the invite, douche. neener

+1 to everything you said. Joe makes great wines and is an interesting and gracious gentleman to visit with for a few hours.

Yeah, you pretty much hit it right on the head, Yoni.

Joe and Co. are so great that I’d probably buy a bunch of his wine … even if it sucked … thing is, though, the wine — it does NOT suck! Was this your friends’ first times tasting Joe’s wines?

+1…Joe and family are awesome. We had a great time tasting with him and the family about a month ago. Definitely a must go if your in the area!

Yoni…a barrel tasting?..it would be really interesting to taste one of Joe’s wines young out of the barrel. Something I will hope for the next time I taste with him.

Brian - Yes, it was my friend’s first time. He and his wife LOVED the wines. Probably will sign up soon.
Brvan - Yeah, he pulled something right out of a barrel and for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. It was very good and not as tight as I thought it would be, though you could tell this needed some time to come together, it was still damn tasty in it’s own right.

any thoughts, Yoni on the 01 Gary’s Pinot?


Yoni, we are fighting. You’re just not aware of it. Haha.

Yoni In honor of your post I opened a 05’ Stolpman Syrah tonight with some lamb/veal/beef burgers…and it was singing! It had such a sexy mouth feel…with just enough fruit without it being over the top. We went through it like water [thumbs-up.gif] My wife had the greatest quote about us drinking the Arcadian tonight…“If I could drink Arcadian everyday, I would be just fine”…I completely agree! [worship.gif]

Jeb…we have been fighting for a VERY long time…You WERE just not aware of it… [pillow-fight.gif]

Nice!! We finished the half bottle that was left of the 2007 Francesca’s and it was gorgeous…3 days later. Just stunning and showing no signs of falling apart after 3 days. (And I RARELY like a wine more than a day or so after opening…)

That’s it, I’m sending that Carlisle back to you. Okay, that’s a lie.


I’m not Yoni, but I love this wine, maybe my favorite of all the Arcadian Pinots I’ve tried.

thanks Frank. Just picked up a few.

Benchmark has a few 01 Pisonis today.

Thanks…I just pick up 2 of the 01’ Pisoni’s.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the 2000 Bien Nacido chard, and the 2005 Dierberg and 2002 Pisoni pinots - all smoking good

One of these left … that is a ridiculous price for that wine.

Just saw this!! It’s in a fantastic spot right now. No rough edges, everything really clicking, yet will still age for a few more years. Sorry I can’t be more specific, with all the wines, I really didn’t take any notes - other than general impressions. The 2002 Francesca was gorgeous as well.