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Where is Mark Frank’s old avatar with Peter Griffin throwing his thinking grenades when you need it?

I enjoy how people can be dismissive. This is a professional wine critic. WS is very conservative on their windows, which is annoying, however, telling us the Contador will age for 100 years?

People put this shit in their cellar and leave it for dead…literally.

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I am very frustrated by drinking windows. It seems critics use long drinking to justify slapping high scores on bottles, and if the consensus score is significantly lower, the critic simply responds ‘it’s not ready yet, you silly people! Try again in 15 years.’


I’m gonna score the 2012 d’Yquem 98 points – drinking window 2028-2100.

Chris, your statement is so true in so many cases. I was once at a dinner with a critic, where we were served an over the hill Chapoutier white Ermitage. The critic said it was too young to be consumed (it was about 12 years old at the time).