Taking wine to Costa Rica

Would like to hear some ideas for transporting glasses, as well. It’s difficult to find decent stemware in CR.

Anyone have trouble with BYOB in Costa Rica restaurants? We frequent a small foodie town in CR with some fantastic restaurants, but haven’t yet tried BYOB. I think this next trip will be our first attempt at bringing wine into CR from the USA.

Visitors entering Costa Rica may bring in 500 grams of tobacco, 5 liters of wine or spirits, 2 kilograms of sweets and chocolates, and the equivalent of $500 worth of merchandise. One camera and one video camera, six rolls of film, binoculars, and electrical items for personal use only are also allowed. Make sure you have personalized prescriptions for any medication you are taking. Customs officials at San José’s international airport rarely examine tourists’ luggage by hand, although all incoming bags are x-rayed

I’m flying into Liberia Airport in a couple of weeks and staying near the Four Seasons. Any intel on food/wine/etc. in that area would be greatly appreciated. Also, where should I look to purchase coffee and any particular coffee I should be looking for?

^ You can purchase good coffee in CR just about anywhere

Oh the dayz of 13 bottles in a Rollerbag you could barely clean and Jerk into the Overhead.
Also arriving to the airport 18 minutes before takeoff and “sir no Jokes about Bombs Please”
Those were the Dayz!