Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 2000

Not a big C drinker but this was great reminded me of the 64.

Would of like to try with the DP(2000)another great wine.

What a great brand that one… have not tried the 2000, thanks for sharing.

I’m thinking about opening a 98 Comtes. Any recent tastes out there?

I had this a while back side by side with 99. Honestly, neither 99 nor 00 wow’ed me. Maybe both need more age? Or maybe both will never be great?

98 is drinking awesome right now and will bring summertime into winter with one taste. Great right now and will grow and change in the cellar too with no worries.

I had the 2000 on Sat night and it was very good, although not as good as the 1990 I had about 7 months ago. The '90 was stunning. One of the top wines of the year.


Thanks Brad. champagne.gif


I had 3 bottles of the 2000 Comtes yesterday and I really feel it is the best Champagne from the vintage.